Daily Pics #112.

This picture is out on the lake, not the river.

Good morning everyone!  What a surprise yesterday.  It seemed to be such a nice sunny, although cool, day, but then the clouds came in after lunch and it started snowing as the temp dropped.  It snowed for quite a while and turned the ground quite white again.  Fortunately once the snow stopped it melted quickly.  But it got cold again overnight.  Seems like winter just doesn’t want to leave.  Supposed to be more snow flurries today and tonight before a warming trend begins tomorrow.  Muffin was not too happy yesterday of course, she wanted the door open.  It’s too cold.  Meow.  It’s too cold.  MEOW.  I put shoes on.  It’s too cold.  CHOMP!  My leg!!!!  We compromised and played instead.  The cold weather is bringing a lot of large bird activity to the feeder.  There’s Sir George and Lady Pearl, Henry and Herb, plus about 4 new gulls, 3 for sure.  And Rickie, the ring-billed gull who will now come to the feeder with me standing outside and taking his picture.  Cold weather does strange things sometimes.

So I think we will continue our sunny summertime pics by the river…


This was taken in July while the water was low.  By September this area where I was standing was under about 7 feet of water.IMG_6651

This is another of my favorite spots to sit and look out over the river, up on the rock under that big white pine tree.  It’s a great spot to sit and write.

Thank you once again for stopping by today, always so nice to see you here.  I hope you all have a wonderful day, please stay home, stay safe, and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod.

35 Comments on “Daily Pics #112.

    • Hey Jim, are your comments working properly? Mine are not, I have to go to my comments page to see and answer comments today. WP has no answer for it. So I’m checking to see if others have the problem too, found one other person so far with the same problem.


  1. Can’t understand the nature logic, evaporate the water, give it back as snow and melt it with rain then evaporate again. 🙄🙄 This weather is out of mind 🙄 But you are not, may be I am now😁. Wonderful pictures Steve😁 Have a beautiful Day🤗✨💐

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    • It is such a nice day, even though cold. Looks like it should be warm, until I go outside, then I run back inside for my winter jacket!
      Thanks Simon! I’m having problems with WP today,😬 comments are not showing up where they should be.🤪 I actually have to go to the comments page to see them,😕 except yours are coming through okay.🙂 No one else is though.😲 I have discovered others having the same problem. Sigh. Why can’t things work?😂😹🙄🙄

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      • Issues with WP? oh this blogging platform might have got stuck in a huge traffic due to sudden spike in usage because of lock down🙄🤔. May be😉, Have you checked with WP team 🤔, I thought I have missed your comments, and found here it is, 🙄Dont know why it is not shown in notifications.✨💐 Hope things will get back to normal fast, Hope your issue is solved now✨💐.

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      • Good morning Simon!😀 Are you having the same problem?🤔 Please contact WP then, the more people that tell them about this problem the better and quicker it will be fixed.😳😜 I have contacted them and so has another blogger but no success in fixing things.🤪😳I wasted all afternoon yesterday trying to get it fixed.😲😲 Sigh. It’s still not working for me this morning.😕😕 It’s terrible to have to keep checking “comments” page all the time to see if there are any comments. It’s sad, I pay for my site and things should work properly. That’s why we need more people to bring this to their attention. Hope your day is going well.😃😺🌞❄☃It snowed overnight and everything is white again. Sigh.


  2. Sitting on a rock by the river is so peaceful ! So Muffin attacked your leg this time…hmmm…you’ll have to invest in hip-waders ! ☕️☕️🙂😼🍰

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