Daily Pics #111.

Good morning to all of you on this Monday morning!  Muffin and I are up nice and early today, but for that matter, we usually are up early.  Muffin seems especially excited this morning so she is bouncing around looking to play.  So we play for awhile until she decides it’s time to get up to the window and wait for the birds, squirrels and chipmunks to show up.  I need to get ready for my early morning shopping trip.  Actually, shopping at 7 am isn’t really so bad.  Not many people at the store.  No long lines at the checkout.  Getting home in time for breakfast.  Make sure I feed Sir George and Lady Pearl before I leave.  And the other two or three gulls that come around too.  Sometimes I think there is getting to be more of them all the time.  But the newcomers are not brave enough to land on the feeder yet.  Kind of funny watching them try.  Sir George whacked me on the head with his wing again yesterday.  He couldn’t wait for me to get out of the way.  Then Lady Pearl came down and did the same thing.

And now for today’s summertime sunshine down at the river…


It always has that nice calm feeling to it down there.IMG_6969

This is one of the higher spots overlooking the river and it’s rather steep down to the river on the other side of those trees.  Nothing quite like the joys of summertime.  I hope you all have a magnificent Monday, keep safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2020 Steve McLeod. 

19 Comments on “Daily Pics #111.

    • Yes, they really are and don’t mind if I stand there and talk to them while they eat. And they “talk” to me as well.
      It was nice shopping this morning, I think there was only 6 other shoppers in the store which was very nice.😁😸
      Yes, I’m being careful, but I wish I had a mask to wear.😷 Just can’t get them. I have some ordered but who knows when they will arrive.
      Have a wonderful evening Ribana!😃😺🌙

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      • They are beautiful creatures 💕
        Great to have the supermarket almost entirely for yourself 🤪
        Here is mandatory now to wear a mask when going out or at supermarket. Luckily we bought a few some time ago!
        Try to avoid going out as much as you can, especially without the mask!

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      • Yes, I wish I had a mask to wear, so many people are wearing them now and I would feel better with one. Especially since I have a suppressed immune system. I shouldn’t have to go out again for a couple weeks, hopefully by then my masks will be here.🙂😷

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  1. Great pics Steve !…you could make your own mask out of scraps of material…they do not need to be bought ones…and they are washable !…☕️☕️🙂😺

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  2. So beautiful at the summer ✨😍 Sir George and Lady Pearl are having fun with you 😉 I just commented yesterday to your post and now it says 2 days ago🙄 I’m a bit slow now I get that ☺️ Have a wonderful day ✨🤗💐

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    • You should have seen the gulls yesterday, there was a lot of them all wanting food because it’s so cold right now, so they are having trouble finding food. One almost landed on my head and my arm! These big birds are getting hungry!
      That has to do with the time difference between us so that today is yesterday and tomorrow makes it 2 days ago because today is tomorrow and that makes yesterday the day after yesterday which is making today the day after tomorrow when tomorrow is yesterday.😳😳🤪 Or something like that.😵😵🙄 I think I got that a bit mixed up. 🤔🤔🤪But that’s why it shows as 2 days ago.😂😹


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