Daily Pics #120.

Good morning everyone!  Well, it’s mid week, though these days it can be hard to tell the difference, every day seems to be kind of the same.  Speaking of the same, some have noted that my color scheme has changed on the WP app.  However, it hasn’t, my colors are blue print on a white background, so if you’re using the WP app and you see different colors, it’s the app that is the problem.  Now, back to today.  It’s another beautiful morning and the chorus of birds is increasing every day it seems.  It is so nice to wake up to the song sparrow singing while it is just barely getting light.  The white-throated sparrow is not far behind.  But the robins are definitely the first to sing each morning.  Yesterday was so nice, sunny, barely any wind, perfect for a walk down to the river.  And sitting on the bench looking out across the river was just so relaxing.  I also met 2 rather large dogs along the way, both very friendly and a long ways ahead of their humans.  Have never seen them along that path before.

And now to share some more spring pics of my walks to the river…


The above photo shows a male and female (brown) mallard duck.  There are quite a few of these ducks around now.  I even had a pair under my bird feeder yesterday morning.  Such an odd place to find them.IMG_3582

And along the path on the way home was another mourning cloak butterfly sitting on some dried flower heads.  There are a lot of these butterflies around now.  Perhaps it will be a good year for butterflies.

And there we have our pics for today.  Please stay safe everyone, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

25 Comments on “Daily Pics #120.

  1. Good morning Steve and Muffin. You are living a charmed life, the most beautiful nature scenes. Today’s pictures are beautiful. I would sit on one of those rocks and just breathe in the clean air…

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  2. Hi Steve, Very good Morning 🤗✨ You must be doing your workouts or walking by now 😁 Beautiful pictures… Your blog colour has not changed for me as the WP app always shows plain white 😜 actually web based app shows the Colors ☺️ Anyway the WP is totally fine here in South India 🤗 and how was the dogs, you got new friends now it seems 😉 dogs make a very good friend🤗 Have a wonderful day ✨💐

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    • Did some workout already, next workout this afternoon after my walk which is after lunch. Sometimes I think my days are not long enough, or I’m spending too much time on my computer, but that can’t be it. Or can it? Yes, those dogs were very nice and friendly, which was good since they were rather large size. Now there are 3 different dogs that are nice. All big.😳😳 They can be nice companions for a walk though.😁😾😾😳 Hmm, maybe I should start dog walking for people.🤔🐶🦊🐕🐩🐕‍🦺
      Have a great evening Simon!😃😺🌙🌙🥳

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      • Yeah that a good idea, but ensure that dog doesn’t take us for a walk, them it will be vice versa 😜. It’s always great to have dog, can’t deny that. It’s okay, that means we are fast, when we do things faster we run out of time, the faster you are, the faster the time runs😉 you got faster Steve ✨👌 That’s a good sign ☺️

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      • Yeah, that is a problem with walking dogs, especially the big ones, might pull me right off my feet! And drag me down to the river and throw me in!😂😂😹😹
        I like that thought, I’m faster so time goes faster, must remember that. I’m logging off for a while now. Good night Simon!😃😺🌙🌙😴😴

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  3. Your pics are great as usual !…sitting on a bench looking out across the river is a tranquil setting ! I would love that ! 🙂☕️☕️😺

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