Daily Pics #122.

Good morning everyone and welcome to our special edition of the Daily Pics series!  Now, you might just say, “what is different?”.  I admit, it doesn’t look very different, but it is as you will see as we go along today.  I hope you will enjoy it.  There is nothing like starting the day with a hot cup of coffee (I think I heard that somewhere before) and sitting on a nice bench down by the river.IMG_3397 

There we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and listen to the many birds singing away from the trees.  And sometimes swinging away from the trees or crawling all over the trees like this little “brown creeper”.  It spends the day starting near the bottom of a tree trunk, usually, and climbing in a spiral way up the tree looking for insects.  Then on to the next tree to do the same thing.  And on and on throughout the day.  I followed this little bird around for 20 minutes before finally getting it’s pic.IMG_3787

Yesterday we saw a couple of pelicans soaring together from the previous day and now we have another one soaring alone and coming out a bit more clear than the other two.  It is terribly hard to get these birds in perfect focus since they are constantly moving and I am standing there looking straight up and trying hard not to get dizzy and fall down and break all my arms, or something.IMG_3801

And there is so much incredible scenery along the shores of this river, every direction, on both sides of the river.  Like this look down the path from the bench where I’m sitting yesterday.  A path among the many pines, and some other trees too, gives it a very relaxing feel.IMG_3416

And then, along with all the other wildlife we get to meet a very tiny bird, the chipping sparrow.  This is our smallest sparrow, about the size of a chickadee, and a very friendly little bird.  I have had these little birds sit on my hand which is always fun.  They just arrived yesterday, a few days earlier than usual, their normal time is around May 5th, and they don’t usually change that date much.IMG_3019

Well, I hope you have enjoyed our special edition today.  Happy Friday to all of you, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.


66 Comments on “Daily Pics #122.

  1. Lovely special edition Steve, who left a chair by the lake 🤔 We should try to return them. What you say?😜🤔 Love the smallest sparrow, the one that I see around often, and often chased by ravens 😱Have a beautiful day Steve & Muffin 😜

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    • Thank you very much Simon! Glad you liked it! It’s so nice to have something to sit on once I get down there.😜😄 But I did like the original spot better,🤔 more private, just hard to get to it. Couldn’t have been easy getting it out of that other spot.😬
      Hope you had a good day Simon!😀😺🌞🌙


  2. Especially loved the Pelican picture. Of all the wildlife from when I lived there, I miss the pelican the most. I have seen a couple fly over, once in 8 years down here.

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  3. The pics are so inviting ! …that is the first time that I have seen a creeper ! Apt name ! ☕️☕️🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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