Daily Pics #130.

Good morning and Happy Saturday everyone!  I hope you are all well and having a good day so far.  It is another clear morning and the sun will soon be shining, but still very cold for this time of year.  I did manage to head out for a walk yesterday afternoon and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air for awhile.  But the wind coming off that icy cold water of the river made it rather uncomfortable for sitting on the bench which is in the shade that time of day.  So I changed and sat on the rocks along the shore which were nicely in the sun.  I made sure to keep a safe distance from the edge of the river however.  It is getting quite dry in the forest now and the river is at unusually low level for this time of the year.  Just in two days the river level dropped nearly a foot (30cm), and down about 2 feet (60cm) from last week.

Actually met some others taking advantage of the drying path to go for a walk with their dogs, huge dogs, but 2 were friendly and running loose and came over to say hello to me. The other 2 were on a short leash and definitely did not look friendly.  Had never seen any of these people before, or their dogs.  There was also a lot of bird life around yesterday, plus two deer who recognized me right away.

And now for a couple spring pics from my walk yesterday…


In the above pic we have a male goldeneye duck and I’m sure you can see where it got it’s name.  They are common ducks around here and many stay here year round since the river here never freezes no matter how cold it gets.  And the fishing is good, these ducks love fish.IMG_4244

And here we have a nice tender moment between the mother and baby deer.

Well, there we have it for today’s pics which I hope you will enjoy.  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

38 Comments on “Daily Pics #130.

    • Two of them definitely were, but their human was holding them tight.
      Yeah, the two of them were enjoying some quality time together.
      Thanks so much Lydia!😃😺🌞☕☕

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  1. Hi Steve, very good morning it seems you got new neighbours use drugs strangers and not cute dogs. How is the river level is actually reducing 🤔 don’t say it’s because of sunshine 😜 30 cm is not easy to disappear unless it’s a dam opened 😅😂. Enjoy your little walks and stay safe, beautiful pictures Steve & Muffin ✨ Have a beautiful day ✨💐🤗

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    • It has been very dry here, very little rain so that has reduced the water coming into the lake.😕 So they have had to close the dam to keep the water at the right level in the lake. So there is less water in the river.🤔 This is the level it should be in July, not in May. Very bad situation.😳
      Enjoy your evening Simon!😃😺🌙

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      • Hi Steve, I think I did not type that comments 😳🙄 oh my god, how I messed up with auto correction features 😂😂 anyway, I tried to say about, how is your new neighbours and their cute friendly dogs. So the water level has reduced, you said it’s snowing and raining right, all of them has to convert into water right🤔. Confused like this snow will not go to lakes? After it melts 🤔 sorry about too many questions 😁 Enjoy the rest of your day ✨🤗

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      • I don’t know where these people live actually, I have not seen them or their dogs before, but they must live in the area somewhere I guess. We haven’t had enough snow or rain to make a difference, lots of new growth happening so those small amounts of moisture get used by the plants and trees, so none really makes it to the lakes and rivers. It takes a lot of moisture to make a difference and have any to run off into the lakes. We usually get a lot of moisture in spring and we really had very little snow compared to normal and when we have a cold spring like this one, the snow melts very slowly and most of the moisture evaporates instead of turning into water. So it ends up being very dry. Complicated process. It takes about 25cm of snow to make 2.5cm of water. Hope that helps a bit.😁😸🌞

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      • The last line is crystal clear Steve, 25 CM snow for just 2.5 cm of water, that’s painful 🙄 nature has its own sense of humour 😅😜😂 Hope you must be busy with your lunch now, so got plans for Sunday? 😉

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      • No lunch this time of day, going to bed soon. Oh, wait, that was 6 hours ago. Yes, I was. I think. But maybe not. Can’t remember so far back. I think it’s the cold weather affecting my brain.
        Sunday, let’s see, in the morning I’m not going anywhere,😀 then in the afternoon I think I’ll stay home,🤔 but in the evening I don’t think I’ll go anywhere.🤪😂😹
        Good morning Simon!😁😸🌞

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  2. Loved all the pics ! Is that doe that comes around your place ? So cute ! ☕️☕️🙂🦌

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