Nature’s Art #44.

Rocks underwater at the river, more beautiful art in nature.

Hello once again everyone!  It is certainly a nice sunny day and a bit warmer than it has been, even though the wind is still on the cool side, but not so strong today.  I went for my walk to the river today, my first time in 3 days.  It is just such a joy to be out there in nature enjoying all the beauty God has provided.  It was quite calm when I first arrived at the river and sitting on the bench looking out across the water was just so nice.  It didn’t last too long though and the wind began to blow once more making it just a bit too chilly to sit there.  So I moved a bit further down the path, but due to the direction of the wind there just was no place to sit where it did not blow directly on me.  So I decided on coming back and once in among the trees again I could no longer feel the wind so it was very pleasant indeed.  And listening to all the little birds singing provided a wonderful calming effect.  There were several little squirrels busy along the path in different places, looking for pine cones they had cut down from the trees.  I didn’t see Scramble today though, he was probably further back from the path today.

And here are a couple pics from my walk to the river, true art in nature…


Above we have the simple beauty of a dried flower stalk left from last year.IMG_4071

Above we have sort of an abstract beauty of ripples on the water going in different directions.  The river level has dropped about 2 feet (60cm) from last week.  It’s at the level of summer, which is quite amazing, it should be much higher this time of year.  But we didn’t have much snow this winter and little moisture this spring, so it is now very dry in the forest.

Kind of a water themed nature’s art this week, but there is a lot of beauty found along our rivers and lakes in this area.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

46 Comments on “Nature’s Art #44.

  1. I surely enjoyed the walk with you ! Did you bring coffee with you ? Or hot soup ?…that rippling effect on the river was pretty ! Nice contrast between the dried up flower stalk and the rocks beneath the water ! ☕️☕️🙂💨☀️

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  2. Such a beauty that you are surrounded by, beautiful pictures! I wish the spring last more for your city. And the ripples in the water, did you jumped in for a swim 🤔 do you swim🤔😉 Just curious 😁 Good Morning Steve ✨🤗

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    • Those ripples in the water were made by the wind. That water is too cold for swimming yet! Yes, I can swim, I’m not a real good swimmer but I can swim.😁😸🏊‍♂️🤽‍♂️🏄‍♂️🚣‍♂️
      Thanks so much Simon!😃😺🌞🌧

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      • That’s great 😁 So have you ever jumped in these lakes recently😃 I am just asking. 😁 And you will answer me right 😉 I do not swim and afraid of water, I want to learn that first, for real. I badly wanted to come out of that fear. I wish I get that time to learn 😉 Have a good day 😁

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      • We have such a short season for swimming here, about 2 months, sometimes less. I haven’t been swimming for a long time, years in fact. But swimming is fun, I just don’t like crowded beaches, can’t do anything, always bumping into people. That’s not for me.😂😹

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    • When we had a few nice days a week ago there was quite a few butterflies around and the frogs came out. But they all disappeared when the cold weather hit. Yesterday I saw 2 different butterflies again, but no frogs. They will be back though. Warmer weather is coming by the weekend.


    • We are definitely below normal rainfall, just as we were below normal in snowfall. Now that things are really starting to grow it will likely dry out very quickly.


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