Daily Pics #134.

Good morning everyone!  It’s a milder morning today and perhaps a bit of rain coming later today.  Which is okay, we do need some rain, it’s getting dry, a little too dry.  Though the wet parts of the path were just starting to dry up nicely, and that part is good.  Now they will be wet again.  Oh well.  I’m sure they will dry up again as well.  Everything is so late this year due to the cold spring.  Even dandelions are just beginning to show up in a few places.  They are basically the first flower to appear in spring, but they are about 2 weeks later than normal this year. 

There are a lot of birds that are very late this year too.  It has just been too cold for them to return.  Only the hardier birds have returned from the south so far.  There should be quite a rush once the weather finally warms up to normal again.  Speaking of birds, the raccoons are around every night now so I have to remember to bring in the hanging bird feeders at night.  Went to do that at 9 last night but the birds were still out there eating, so I had to wait a while longer.  They stay until around 9:30 now and are back at 4:30am.  However, I don’t put the feeders out that early. There is a limit after all.  No earlier than 5am.  By that time it’s getting quite noisy out there.

Time to share today’s pics of birds…


In the above pic is the double crested cormorant.  I have such a hard time getting close enough to these birds for a good pic, this is the best so far.IMG_4315

And next is this brilliantly colored “common grackle” which were quite late showing up this spring.  Some have blue heads like this one, others have purple heads. 

There we have our pics for today.  I hope you all have a wonderful day, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

41 Comments on “Daily Pics #134.

  1. Amazing how dedicated you are to the birds. That is quite the schedule for taking down the feeders and putting them back up. Have a great day!

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  2. The birds eat till 9:30 pm 🙄😳 My god here I can’t see birds after 5 🤔I guess their work schedule is very short 😂 what’s that hardier birds🤔 and the beautiful pictures of yours!! Please don’t hurt yourselves trying to get a closer pictures Steve, it’s ok to look at some birds in small, we are okay with it ☺️ Take care of yourself while taking pictures! Have a safe day and enjoy ✨🤗

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    • Yep, long days here so the birds need to work longer hours!🌞😀🦆🕊🦅🦢🐦🦉 A hardier bird is one that can handle the cold better and survive with less food. They are the ones that come early. The ones that come later mostly eat insects that rely on warmer weather.🌞🌞😎😎
      You know me, I’m always careful, wild perhaps, but careful.🙃😁 At least I am now, wasn’t last year.🙄 But being so careful makes it harder to get good pictures.🤔📷 Oh well.
      I was trying to get pictures of a couple vultures soaring overhead 2 days ago.😁📷 I leaned back so far I fell right down backwards!😳😳 I hurt my hip and neck on that one.😕 From now on I will lie down first.😂😹📷

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      • You did it again 😳 Steve you need to take care, don’t ever do that again. Hope your neck and back is fine. Hope it doesn’t hurt now😕. Do you really need a picture with so much risk 🙄😳. Okay, hardier birds haven’t come yet so why 🤔 it must be ther late summer. Have we seen the hardier birds before 🤔 Do share it for us 😍 would love to see that birds 🥰 be careful 😉👍 and take pictures safely! 🤗😸

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      • Some of the hardiest birds are gulls, ducks, some of the sparrows, even some of the hardy sparrows are not back yet which is odd. Robins are hardy and grackles (which were late).🙂 Most birds are about 2 weeks late, some 3 weeks late.😳 Just been too cold and not enough food for them. Sparrows eat seeds, so it’s odd they are not all back yet.🤔
        Probably starting this weekend there will be a lot of birds come back with the weather warming up.🌞🌞😎😎
        Well, I thought I was being careful taking pics, I just leaned back too far.😂 Wasn’t paying attention!🙄 Still some pain, but not so bad now.😁
        Hope you have a good night!😁😸🌙😴

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      • 🙄 when are you planning to stop taking risks 😳 pay attention Steve 😉You can….. you are so dedicated in feeding these birds, they are lucky to have you as their friend. It’s a good feeling to feed all these birds every day🥰 you must be sleeping now. Good Night Steve ✨ Hope your day was fun! 😉

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      • Me take risks?😳 Would I do that?🤔😳 Well, I get a lot of enjoyment from these birds too.😃😺 No, I’m not sleeping,😴 wide awake now.🤪 Very foggy this morning, possible thunderstorms this afternoon. Muffin won’t like that so I won’t tell her ahead of time.🙀😲
        It was a great day!😁😸 Not much rain though. How’s your day?🤔🤔

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      • Last working day Steve 🤗 mixed feelings 😂🥰 So it’s going to be lot of people in the head. Just rewinding all my good times with these wonderful people. And sad that I’m not going to see them again 🙄. It’s okay. We still can watch them online with all these latest technologies. I’m looking at the positive side now 🤗 let’s make some progress in my new place 😉

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      • That’s the way to do it Simon, remember those good times and people and look for greater things ahead!😁😸 You’ll meet new people, new friends, it will be great, always keep a good and positive attitude and you’ll be fine.😄😺 Wishing you well in your new adventures ahead!😃😺🥳🥳

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      • Thank you so much for these beautiful wishes and kind advice. I respect that and I’ll keep that in my mind, new people new learnings, it’s going to be awesome and always stay on light ✨🤗 Have a beautiful day Steve ☺️🤗

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      • Thanks Simon! Cloudy day again, possible thunderstorms later,😳⛈⛈ kind of feels like it too.😵😛 And Muffin is acting a bit strange too, means strange weather.🙀😾

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      • Strange weather 🤔 is ice age really exist 😳 I’m starting to get a feeling about it, I hope it’s not true 😉 Take care Steve, enjoy the rest of your day ✨🤗

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  3. Lovely pics Steve ! You fell ? Be extra careful when taking the pictures !.☕️☕️🤔☕️☕️

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