20/20 Investigations, Inc…Stone House, Chapter 17-All Alone.

Okay Muffin, first thing is to see how well I can walk, maybe we can get away from here before they come back.  So out we go, walking down to the road.  But my knee and ankle are so swollen I just can’t make it.  We have to go back to the house Muffin.  Once back inside we sit together and think for a while.  Meow, meow.=We stay here and fight them.  I thought about that Muffin, but Jenny had my other gun and this gun that I got from the pilot is no good.  See?  It doesn’t work.  I thought for sure he was a trustworthy type, but I guess not.  It was just another way to trap me and get my gun.  And we need to get the contents of that black case in the right hands, or a lot of people will get hurt.  I look at Muffin, she’s sitting there looking up at me.  She knows what’s coming next.

White-throated sparrow.

Remember the different plans we have Muffin?  Meow.=Yep.  We don’t have much time, we need to use plan H.  Meow, meow!=Don’t like plan H, want to stay here with you!  I know that Muffin, but this is so very important.  I need you to do this for me, you’re the best PI partner I could have and I need you to help me now.  Those men said they would be back around 9, so that gives you a 4 hour head start.  I will try to stall them as long as I can.  Let me see if this works.  Yes, it’s working just fine.  Do you remember what to do with this?  Meow.=I remember.  And the letter I put in here before?  Meow.=Yep.  Good, now here is a note, you need to find someone to help you, someone you can trust.  I know you can do that.

Now, you should be fine going down the road to the right.  But make sure you hide out of sight if you see any cars coming.  Meow.=Yep, I do that.  Okay, you need to go now, it’s important, I really need your help.  Meow, meow!=You can trust me, I do good job, you see, you be proud of Muffin!  I know I will, I am already, now go fast, but don’t run, save your energy.  Muffin looks at me, gives me a hug and a kiss on the nose.  Then she goes to the door, turns and looks, a little tear comes from her eye.  Then off she goes into the night.  All alone.


I need to figure out a way to stall these men to give Muffin more time, but how to do it?  Meanwhile Muffin is trotting down the road.  Daylight comes, the sun is shining brightly.  Every time a car passes by Muffin hides in the grass so no one sees her.  I so tired, says Muffin, but must keep going, my human needs me, he counting on me.  I hungry too, only find 3 grasshoppers to eat.  She keeps going into the midday sun.  She sees some trees and goes over to lay down for awhile.  Need sleep, she says, and my little feet hurt and there is some sticky things in my fur.  She curls up and sleeps for a short time.  Then she’s up and running down the road now.  So tired, she says, but must keep going, must find someone to help Muffin.  I so hungry now, my feet hurt so much, one foot bleeding after stepping on something sharp.

It’s getting late, nearly dark again.  Muffin stops and sits, there’s a house over there!  I go see if people friendly.  It’s dark now but there are lights on in the house.  Muffin tries to meow, but barely has strength to make just a quiet meow.  Then she lets out a loud howl and an older woman comes to look.  Oh my, what do we have here, and she picks up Muffin.  And you even have a little backpack, you must belong to someone.  Are you lost little one?  Muffin couldn’t understand a word the older lady spoke, but she pulled out her note.  What’s this?  A note?  She couldn’t read it but she called her husband who was able to read English.  It says, “Hello, my name is Muffin and I am lost, please help me by phoning this number day or night and ask for Rossana.  There is a reward for helping me.  In the side pocket of my backpack is money to ship me to Rossana, the rest you can keep.”

Male goldeneye duck.

The older lady was so kind and put something on my sore feet so they would feel better, then she gave me some nice food.  The man called Rossana and she asked to ship me right away.  When he found out where she lived he decided to take me himself since it really wasn’t so far, he said.  They left very early in the morning, but will they be in time?

To be continued.

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

69 Comments on “20/20 Investigations, Inc…Stone House, Chapter 17-All Alone.

  1. You know if you didn’t have Muffin you would be in some real troubles! But what did you do to stall them? Come on Steve! You have to give a hint!😲😮🤔

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  2. Plan H 🤔 why did you sent her? What’s with that courier? Why send Muffin 😸? What are you going to do? Without her,? Are you going to find them? Or you are going to treat your leg first 🤔 we can we expect in next chapter 😳😳😳 this is so intriguing 😍😍😍 Well done Steve, simply awesome, eagerly waiting for next part, please post it soon 😁 this time I dint have patience 😂😂. Have a good day Steve ✨🤗✍️

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    • Had to be done. She had the contents of that case in her backpack.😳 It had to get to the right authorities.😬 Plus I wanted her in safety away from that gang, who knows what they might do to her.😲😲🙀 It was a hard decision for both of us,😭 but the best thing to do.😾😕 Next chapter coming…only 2 days from now.😥😿🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🏡

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      • Yep, but how will it turn out?🤔 Did Muffin find people she could trust?🤔😺 Or are they part of the bad guys?😲🙀 What are they actually going to do with Muffin?🙀😾 Will Steve be okay?😾😳 Can he stall long enough?🤔😁 Or will they kill him before help can arrive?😳😲🙀😿 All this and more coming up!😳🙀🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️

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      • Really 🤔I think my comment is the first one 😁 can’t make first like, someone else did that 🙄 lot of competition Steve ☺️ But I simply loved it… Fantastic writing.. if you know any movie directors, please sell this story’, as this is going to be rock the screen if came out 😍✨✍️

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      • Hey, someone has to be first! This will help encourage others to comment as well! Thanks for the kind words Simon. I’m kind of working on a longer version of this story, but I won’t post it on here. Already thinking of my next story too, have to keep those ideas working! Maybe we’ll be down in Australia jumping with the kangaroos!😃😺🦘 Or getting lost on a small deserted island.😃😺🏝 Or, hey that gives me an idea!🤔 Thanks Simon, I knew you would help with that!😁😸

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      • How about mentioning them in your daily good morning, the first commenting persons 😁😁😁Hey Steve, I’ve got a wonderful idea again, how about you stop this story here and publish the complete book online. I’m sure people will be eager to buy and try to get that online 😁. I’m thinking again. 😕Arrgh I have to to stop this now. Good night Steve ✨🤗

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      • Stop the story here??😳😳 People would be throwing things at me! They would be knocking on my door! They might even stop following me! How come I don’t come up with ideas like this?🤔🤪 Right, no more thinking!
        Hmm, first commenting person award!🤔🏆
        Good night Simon!😀😴

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      • That’s really a good decision, let’s start to appreciate the first commenters 😉👍 I don’t think people would throw things at you. But it’s your choice again. But please don’t forget about publishing it as a book again with some little editing! You can explore your country with pictures in book as well as story. It’s a new combination 😉A new idea to try Steve 😁. If you self publish I don’t think you have to spend anything at all. It’s zero cost to write and publish on our own 😉 think about it 🤗

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      • That’s what I was going to do.😲 Rats for the second time.😕 Mention first commenters. See, you helped being first yesterday and a lot of comments came in!😁
        Yes, I want to publish a book or two. I would do it through Amazon, no cost involved, just a percentage of the sales goes to Amazon.😀😺 I would have both an ebook and a paper version available.🤔😜📕 I want to do my stories and also a book of poems.🙂📘 The poem book would have a picture to go with each poem. It’s a bit of work to get it all done right, but it would be fun.😃😺📚📘📕


      • Wow Steve 😍 Sounds so perfect ☺️ That’s going to be super awesome! Looking forward for your day of book launch. Do it soon 🤗✨

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      • I would like to do it soon but it takes a lot of time which I don’t have right now,😕 but I’m working on it,😀 need more poems yet, I didn’t have enough,🙄 the book has to be a certain number of pages in length. But we’ll see how it goes.😁😸

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      • Oh, is there a limit for pages 🤔 I was thinking to sell a paper for ten cents a page 😜 Looks like Amazon will never accept my idea 🙄 🤔 being creative is a curse 😕 Anyway all the best for you to publish it ASAP 🤗

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      • I’m planning to launch my last ebook in Kindle soon. Not sure the process, but will learn eventually.😉 And tell you once I did.

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  3. Cathy Native

    On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 11:15 AM Steve`s Country wrote:

    > stevescountry posted: ” Okay Muffin, first thing is to see how well I can > walk, maybe we can get away from here before they come back. So out we go, > walking down to the road. But my knee and ankle are so swollen I just > can’t make it. We have to go back to the house Muffin. ” >

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  4. Wow ! That was a hard decision ! Hope the old couple are not hooked up to the bad guys ! Looking forward to the next chapter ! ☕️☕️🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♂️🙀😕

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    • Yep, the toughest decision we have had to make so far!🤔😥😿 Next chapter coming soon!😁😸🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🏡


    • Thank you so much Ribana!!😁😸
      Meow!=Thank you Ribana!😻😻
      Will she make it in time?🤔 Can I stall long enough?😳 Is this the end?😲Stay tuned for more!😃😺☕☕🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️🏡

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