Happy Times With Muffin.

Hi everybody!  My human finally letting me do my post, he so nice.  He also have sore feet.  Too bad for my human, but he did say Monday and it Wednesday.  Oh well, his feet not stay sore for long.  I not sure why humans have such tough time in this thing called “lockdown”.  I inside all the time, doesn’t bother me.  Just need to find things to do.  So simple.  I make my human happy all the time with things I do.  It easy really.  For example, my human look bored, all he do is reading, must be bored.  So I start to push on plant by window.  Wow, you should see him jump and run.  Arms waving all over the place.  Plus he get this really funny look on his face!  Priceless!  Makes me roll over laughing.


Next day he reading again, proof he bored.  So I start running and playing with toys.  I hit orange plastic ball real hard, it bounces off desk, flies through air and hits the glass top of kerosene lamp.  My human get that look on his face again, he jump up real fast and manage to catch lamp top.  But he kick table leg, don’t know why he always does that, must hurt.  Then he jump around on one foot, which not good for him to do and…yep, he sit down on floor again.  Then he start human purring, which he calls groaning.  It sound so nice.  But he has strange look on his face, eyes kind of moving back and forth, it look so funny, I roll over laughing again!  He manage to hold onto lamp top though.  But when he get up then he bang lamp top on table, very strange thing to do, so it break.  Poor human, he just stand there looking and shaking his head.

I go over to check and human start jumping around and waving arms and legs, telling me not to come close.  Very strange behavior sometimes.  Then he gets down on floor again, after he just get up!  Now he pick up pieces of glass.  Suddenly he jump up and down again and run into bathroom, blood dripping from hand.  He should never play with broken glass, not safe.  I just sit shaking my head.

Me too.

We sometimes like to race into the bedroom, I always win.  But one time I race past him and he makes funny noise, like “AAAAAAAAAAAA” then he start doing happy dance on one foot and waving arms, eyes going in circles.  That so funny!  Then he kick bedside table with other foot.  Actually it bookcase with lamp on top, but my human call it bedside table.  Bookcase not move.  My human’s eyes bulge way out!  Then do a lot of human purring and sit on floor again.  I tell him he should sit on chair, more comfy, but he like to sit on floor.  So much fun to watch him having fun!

My boyfriend Scrappy!

Really, I don’t think we ever get bored around here.  I always help to keep my human “hopping” with fun and happiness!  Thanks everyone for reading my little post today.  Maybe I do another one.  There’s a couple other fun things we like to do here!  But that all for today.  Hope you all have a purrfect day!

Muffin and Steve.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

66 Comments on “Happy Times With Muffin.

  1. It’s really good to keep your human active in days of lockdown, Muffin 😍but blood part was not exciting please be careful 🤗
    Take care of your human he is really sweet and kind 😺😽😸🤗😍

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  2. WOW Muffin! That was hilarious! You’re GREAT at this! Scrappy is handsome I gotta admit!

    Liked by 1 person

      • No prob Muffin 😊
        Yeah 😂😂😂
        Very much 😂 You are lucky 😍❤️

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  3. Thanks Muffin, for sharing your “fun” times together ! Really enjoyed your post ! 😼🙂😺☕️☕️😀

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  4. Dear Muffin your human like purring and sitting on the floor a lot 😅
    Thank you for such a good laugh 😂 😹😹
    You two are so funny! I would like to watch you both 😼😺😹😻

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meow, meow!=Thank you Ribana! Yep, we make good team, have lots of fun. But my human need to stop kicking table legs,😳 not good.🙀 I write more sometime, so much to write about, hard to know where to start!😹😹
      Thank you for reading my post, hope you have purrfect day!😺😸😹😻

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      • Hard to know where to start because of too much laughing 😂😹😻
        You need to teach your human to stop kicking table legs 😼😺
        Thank you dear Muffin! Wish you the same 😻😺

        Liked by 1 person

      • Meow, meow!=hehehe!😹 I try to tell my human to stop, but he still kick table legs.🙀 Maybe he enjoy it? He always purrs afterwards and does happy dance.😹 I think it would hurt. He very strange sometimes. But so nice too!😺😸😻😻

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  5. 😂😹😹😹That was LOL! Super fun. enjoyed reading,🤓😁 Now tell me what happened to your leg? 😳🤔Or hand?🧐 Did you hurt yourself again? Sore legs? What happened 😳 Be Very Very careful Steve 🙁🤨 Hope you had good fun Wednesday, wishing you a wonderful Thursday ✨🤗✍️


  6. Priceless! Muffin is all-seeing and all-knowing. Hmm, I definitely don’t feel bored after reading this update. I think she would enjoy sharing a bit of mischief with one of my daughter’s cats, Revel.

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    • Meow!=Thank you so much!😸😹
      Muffin figures if I’m just sitting reading, then I must be bored, so it’s time to liven things up a bit. She must think that way, it always happens!😂😹
      Have a wonderful day!


  7. Hey, Muffin! It doesn’t seem boring at your place to me. Your poor human needs to be careful! You take good care of him, okay!? ☕️☕️😸 🧦🤪

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meow, meow!=Yep, it good thing I here to help him, otherwise he just sit in chair all day. I tell him to be careful, he never listen.🙀
      Thank you for reading my post!😺😸😹😻☕☕


  8. It always makes me giggle—the voices we use for our animals. I definitely hear Muffins voice. Sweet. More from Muffin….🖐😻

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    • Meow!=Me have sweet voice! Kind of like giggle voice. More come soon!😺😻😽
      Yep, I can always here the exact voice I would like for Muffin! Thanks so much Nina! Hope you are having a great day!😃😺


    • Yes, she certainly is special, she was an abused cat by her first owner, terrified at first, but now a very loving cat. Thanks so much, have a wonderful weekend!😃😺

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