Daily Pics #141.

Good morning to all of you!  Wow, what a beautiful morning it is too.  I went out at 5:15 to feed Sir George, though as it turned out it was Sir Henry.  But Sir George did arrive within less than a minute and Henry disappeared rather fast.  I decided to stay out there for a while, just sit and enjoy the morning, with coffee in hand waiting for the sun to rise.  That happens officially at 5:25, though it is daylight at 4:30.  However, due to this hill that sits beside my apartment, I don’t really see the sun rise until about 30 minutes later.  So I sat and talked with Sir George for a while and he kept up with his “yep, yep, yep”, even after he had finished eating he stayed around to talk.  Or perhaps he was looking for more food.

The beauty of early morning.  Everything is so still and quiet, except for the sounds of nature.  Loons in the distance calling to one another.  Gulls flying around, their pure white with black wing tips against the cloudless sky.  So many little birds singing their joyous songs.  The white throated sparrow, chipping sparrow, song sparrow, phoebe, tree swallows, warblers of different species, blackburnian, black and white, mourning, yellow rumped, yellow and others.  And one of my favorite early morning singers, robins.

The beauty of early morning…IMG_4509

The tiny chipping sparrow, above, looking for his breakfast.  This is one of our smallest sparrows and probably the friendliest as well.IMG_4511

And once again here is the white throated sparrow saying to himself “there’s that guy with his camera again, what does he want anyway”?

I hope you all have a wonderful morning, and day, stay safe and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

31 Comments on “Daily Pics #141.

      • You’re welcome.
        I know. I figured. Unless you think driving super fast on the interstate at 6:30 am. heading up to Wisconsin. The sun came up then, but I was tired and it just blinded me. Wasn’t any pretty scene. I can never wake up early enough. Maybe someday I will.

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  1. My mom loves birds just like her Mom, she loves seeing your pics she don’t understand a word but loves to watch your pic and sometimes will ask about u😉 having fun with your little friends✨👍 this sparrow is little different with beautiful marks on their head ✨ Beautiful Steve, have a wonderful day ✨🤗

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  2. Lovely pics ! We have a robin nesting under our eaves ! Close to our back door…so cute to see ! ☕️☕️🙂

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  3. what does you want anyway? 🐦
    Nature is so beautiful and I love in the morning being able to just sit end enjoy its sound!
    So lucky you Steve to be surrounded by such a lovely nature 🤩

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    • Yes indeed! It is a wonderful place with great nature all around.
      Morning is my favorite time and summer mornings when I can sit on the deck with my coffee is just so beautiful.😀😺☕☕
      Thanks so much Ribana! I hope you have had a great day!😁😸🌞

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