Blue Jays…A Poem.

High, so high, up in the air,

There they sit without a care.

Such a scene against the blue,

Where they have the greatest view.

As they sit there side by side,

They look around far and wide.

There they give a great big smile,

Wide, just like a country mile.

The sun shining on them now,

As together they do vow.

From eighty feet in the air,

They spread their wings with no care.

Off they go to work and rest,

And to build themselves a nest

In the safety of a tree.

Blue jays, so bright, bold and free.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

35 Comments on “Blue Jays…A Poem.

  1. and no – I didn’t … well … I promise – I ‘m not a frenchy crazy drunker !!!! I love water & fruit juices 😀 and tonight (it’s the night in France) I only drank water

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  2. Well-crafted poem Steve! Your knowledge of Blue Jays comes out in your writing. I appreciate you sharing so much about nature’s scene around where you live.

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  3. Great poem Steve ! Blue jays call out for either food or warning others that danger is near…also, after we give them peanuts they give a quiet “purring” sound…I like to think they are saying thank you ! ☕️☕️😼🙂⭐️

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    • Thank you very much Ribana! Yes, I have often thought about that too, and be able to see things from their vantage point.😃😺🦅Though considering I don’t like heights, it might not work so good!😂😹

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