Daily Pics #151.

Good morning on this chilly, but beautiful Saturday everyone! Though it is a rather cool morning, sitting here wearing a jacket and drinking a hot cup of coffee really isn’t so bad. And the birds are just as active, coming around for their breakfast as usual. The little hummingbirds, there are at least 2 males and one female now, are very busy at their feeder. On a cool morning like this they need that extra bit of easy to get sweetness to help give them the energy they need. Hmm, not a bad idea, think I will get another cup of coffee and be right back. There we go, that’s much better. The phoebe is busy singing somewhere back in the bushes like he does each morning. The cape may warbler is singing his “please, please, please to meetcha” song, a little closer than the phoebe but still out of sight.

Two loons fly almost directly overhead laughing away as they pass. I just love listening to the loons, whether this laughing call, or the longer “mournful” cry. That’s the way it is often called, but personally I love that long call they have, especially at night. There is a real beauty to that call. A male purple finch is sitting in the apple tree, his bright red looks so nice among the white apple blossoms, and he is also singing his beautiful song. It would look fantastic if the sun was shining on the apple tree right now with that red bird in there, but it will be a while before the sun gets in here. A pair of white throated sparrows are nesting close by and the male is singing away again this morning. I can see him sitting on a branch, he will soon be on the ground looking for his breakfast too.

New life is popping out everywhere as spring moves into summer…

In the above pic we have some new growth popping out on a white spruce tree, a sure sign that summer is coming.

And in the picture above is some new growth showing on a young balsam tree. That new bright green just looks so beautiful.

And in the above picture is some new growth showing on a juniper bush. These are very common here growing on the dry rocky areas. Something a little different for our daily look at pics today, thank you for stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

55 Comments on “Daily Pics #151.

    • Karner blue butterfliesdepend on a single food source for their survival: wild lupine. … Historically, the Karner blue could be found in oak savannahs and tallgrass prairies throughout the southern Great Lakes region ofCanada and the United States.

      https://wildlifepreservation.ca › karn…

      Karner blue butterfly (Lycaeides melissa samuelis) – Wildlife Preservation Canada

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      • Yep, a lot of different species actually. Still some to come back from the south yet, they should be arriving over the next week or so.


      • Yes, the eastern tiger swallowtail is a common butterfly here that migrates south for the winter. They haven’t come back yet though, usually the first half of June they show up. Yes, it lives all through the eastern part of the US.


      • Wow! You really know a LOT about this stuff!!!


      • No problem! Yeah uhhh Sid you really name all of your animals?? Like you know Sir George and Lady pearl!!!!!

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      • Yep. I name all the regular animals that come around here and I can easily identify each of them even though they look alike, such as the gulls. But they all have some little thing that is different about them. Chipmunks are all identical really, but I can easily tell them apart too. It’s a fun way to get to know them, by giving them names. And they know their names too.😁😸🐿

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  1. These are Aliens to me, I’ve never seen these plants 😊 these look different and amazing 😍 Having fun watching and hearing your little Nature friends 😉 How is your last night, hope you are having fun in the sun, enjoy the beautiful Saturday Steve 😊

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    • I’m a bit late answering, been a busy day, nice and sunny all day but cool. A very enjoyable day though! Probably almost morning for you, so, good morning Simon!😃😺🌞☕☕

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      • Bit late 🧐 who is late?🤔 Nobody’s late 😇 Yes Steve, Early morning by the time you made this comment, I’m just figuring out how to comfortably sleep 😜. Hope you are having a peaceful evening! Good night Steve ✨

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      • Sleep?🤔 Didn’t you just get up?😲 Eat breakfast, stay awake, go outside and breathe in that nice warm air, flap your arms up and down (make sure no one is watching)😳😜 and you won’t feel like sleeping!😂😹😳
        It is a nice painful, I mean, peaceful evening and now it’s time for bed. Good night Simon!😀🌞😴😴😹

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      • ha ha ha, I’m going to do that in a weirdly different way 😜 Today I’m getting breakfast at my Mom house, no Cooking to do, waiting for my workout pal 😉 next 1 hr is going to be hot🥵 I’m not going to sleep again anyway. Oh, not again! I heard that, don’t you overdo things, hope you had your medications! Try to sleep early Steve 🤗

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  2. 80 degrees is good sleeping weather ? I would not be able to sleep at all ! It has to be really cool…lovely pics Steve ! ☕️☕️🤔🙂 …hi Muffin ! 😻

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    • Perfect sleeping weather,😁 even warmer is fine,🌞 I can relax then,😀 can’t relax when it’s cool so can’t sleep as well.😳
      Thanks so much Sharon!😃😺


  3. Good Morning Steve 😍 still writing 😉 🤔 Ever watched videos of “Birds of Paradise” spectacular birds and their mating dance and behaviour is blowing my mind. Do check out. Don’t throw anything from there, I know I’m late to know that ☺️.

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    • Yep, I have watched them, very amazing the mating rituals of some birds.😄🤪😜 The birds around here are not quite so dramatic, though some are quite interesting and can take days to finish.😳😂😹 You’re turning into a bird watcher Simon! Keep it up!
      Good morning in the evening!😁🌞 Or is that good evening in the morning?🤔😳 Yep, that’s the right way. Hope your day has gone well!😁😸🌞☕☕🦆🦅🐦🦉🐧

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      • Yes, birds here too not much dramatic, all I hear is the crow, crowing early morning 😂😂 their mating ritual is amazing, yes I’m turning into a Bird watcher, my mom loves bird’s and these lockdown, we both sit together and watch different species of mind blowing birds😁 birds of Paradise are her favourite one blue Jay and sea gull is her fav.😊😉

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      • Blue jays are such a beautiful and interesting bird.😁 Baxter and Betty have young ones now and are looking a bit “beat up” when they come to get their peanuts now!😳 Raising kids can be rough it seems!😂😹🙄 Has your mom seen a pic of Sir George yet?🤔 Or my blue jays?😀📷

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      • Oh she have seen that!😉 She loves blue Jay for its Beautiful colur! And sir George too! But blue Jay is her fav ☺️✨👍


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