Daily Pics #244.

Good morning everyone! It is a very wet and cool morning here. A good morning to go shopping I figured. Quite a few other people figured the same thing. But it still wasn’t that bad, going early in the morning is a great time for shopping. Especially for guys like me who don’t like shopping. Or crowds. It rained quite a bit last night so everything is nice and wet. We did need the rain though. Speaking of breakfast. No gulls showed up this morning. There was a lot of crows however and they were a bit disappointed that there was no food around. I told them to go look for worms like normal crows. They didn’t seem to like the idea. Instead they chased the smaller birds. So I chased them. I think that one nasty crow would like to chase me. Back to breakfast, which I am enjoying, nice hot coffee which is perfect on a cool, rainy day, and freshly baked blueberry maple cupcakes. Perfect on such a morning as this one.

While coming back from shopping there was deer everywhere, including several fawns. But no bucks around, not even young ones. Too bad. I need some new pics of bucks. The does are always easy to get, mainly because there are so many of them around town. There are a couple of them that like to sleep by my deck regularly. No news from Jasper and the chipmunks this morning, I haven’t been out there watching them. Right now I prefer being inside where it’s dry and warm. Enjoying another cup of nice hot coffee. Maybe this rain and cooler temps will start to bring out the mushrooms. It’s been too dry for them this year although there has been a few pop up now and then. I’m always on the lookout for some new ones for my picture collection.

All that you can see here in these two pics are tree covered islands on the lake.

Today we have some more pics of our beautiful lake taken on a nice sunny morning last week. Happy Monday to all of you and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

50 Comments on “Daily Pics #244.

  1. Lovely pics of the lake ! Wish I could be on one of the islands ! Have a warm inside day ! ☕️☕️😺🤔☕️☕️‼️

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  2. Hope your Monday Was awesome 😁 Bad crows, they chase birds, and not behave like usual crows, I have got some wild crows here, they occasionally come here and chase the other house crows, they are the same, if you chase them, they chase you😳 very bad attitude🧐 so how was your shopping😉 Hope you are good, stay warm, and walk inside the house and workout, to stay fit and active😎 have you split your meals x 5 already 🤔😁 I have split ☺️ only worry is, i eat my dinner big🙄 hope it doesn’t add fat 😁🤣

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    • I have split into 4 meals now,😀 just can’t see doing 5,🤔 I might end up eating too much and I want to lose 7 pounds, not gain 7 pounds!🙄🤪 But maybe once I’m used to this I can change more easily to 5 times. But 4 times works okay. Yes, I have to get back to my indoor workouts better.😬 It’s getting close to that time when I won’t be going out much so I need a good routine for workouts again.💪🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♂️


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