Daily Pics #267.

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday to you all! I hope this finds everyone in good health and that your day is going well too. It is cloudy here again with rain coming soon, but it is a bit warmer than it has been so that is great! We are supposed to see a high of 57F (14C) today which is not too bad. The action outside is rather quiet today, but then, I was out shopping so I missed the main action time this morning. There is a couple of chipmunks coming still and Jasper has shown up as well, but not while the chipmunks were here. But, there is the blue jays, and they don’t get along with Jasper either. Big Blue, the top blue jay doesn’t like backing down to anyone, not even Jasper. So, Big Blue was there looking over the peanuts, takes him awhile as he wants the biggest one he can find in the batch that I put out. Jasper came along and chased him away. Big Blue came back and snapped at Jasper.

That must have startled Jasper a bit, he backed up. But then he jumped at Big Blue who just flew up and over Jasper to land behind him. Jasper turned and Big Blue snapped at him again. There was two other blue jays sitting on a box out there watching the fun. Jasper kind of lost it a bit and went crazy running around and chasing everything in sight. Even Big Blue flew into the tree, the other blue jays scattered, the little juncos scattered. Except one little junco wasn’t watching, I guess, and he came out the door right beside Jasper. Poor Jasper. He jumped straight up and went running down the steps. The junco also flew away quickly. The blue jays came down quickly, Jasper’s little head poked up over the steps and he came running back after those blue jays like a wild tiger! Then he grabbed a peanut and left and never returned. I think Jasper needs to find some professional help.

Well, some more of our fall colors to enjoy in the top pic for today. And in the top pic is a flower cluster from the “ivory silk lilac tree” which produces these beautiful clusters of tiny flowers about mid summer. My neighbor has a couple of these trees in his yard. They are related to our typical lilacs and grow into nice trees. I hope you all have a marvelous Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod.

13 Comments on “Daily Pics #267.

  1. The ivory silk lilac tree is beautiful ! Our neighbour has one in his yard and I wondered what the name was…now I know ! Jasper should have a book written about him ! The same about Muffin and Mr.Cat ! ☕️☕️😺😺🌺

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    • Yes, that lilac tree is very nice, beautiful flowers. Jasper is quite the squirrel!😂😹 Never had one like him before.🙄 Muffin and Mr. Cat are a great team!😸😸


  2. Poor Jasper…”professional help”…🤪 who knows if there is some squirrel that can guide him 🐿 😉
    I think I know that ivory silk lilac…has a wonderful perfume right? 🌸

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    • Maybe once Jasper finds a mate he will settle down a bit.🙄 Yes, it really does have a nice perfume to it. It’s really a very nice and small tree, perfect even for a small yard.😀😺☕☕

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