Morning Coffee In The Afternoon At Steve’s Country #20.

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to a later edition of my morning coffee post! The coffee is on, fresh and hot, just help yourself and relax! Sometimes things happen that toss everything around so some changes have to be made. That was me yesterday, which not only affected things yesterday, but also today. So I wasn’t able to do my post this morning, but we’re back now and happy to have you visit with us again. Muffin is sitting at the door eagerly waiting for our first friends to show up!

It’s Sunday, so that means bright flowers! This is one of my petunias from this past summer.

The birds have been busy at the feeders this morning. All of our normal birds were here, plus we had a nice visit with a flock of around 30 evening grosbeaks, nearly all males with about a half dozen females. Due to reasons already mentioned, I was unable to go out and get any pics. But it looked so beautiful with all those bright yellow birds sitting on the feeder. There were 20 males on that feeder at one time which was just an amazing sight. I like those evening grosbeaks, they really brighten up the winter. As do the pine grosbeaks with their nice rosy red. We had some of those pine grosbeaks earlier this winter, but there are none around now which is kind of odd. Jasper had to once again defend his territory, most likely that same squirrel from yesterday who likely won’t give up easily. But Jasper managed to chase him off again. There was no actual fighting this time, but lots of chasing and chattering.

And here is the mock cherry tree from next door, it provides a lot of berries for the winter birds.

So I gave Jasper some extra big peanuts when he came over afterwards. “That other squirrel seems to be persistent.” Loud Chip. “Yes, this is your territory, it’s important to protect it otherwise squirrels will come and chase you away.” Chip. “He has his own territory?” Chip. “Oh, he likes the peanuts here.” Chip. “Why do I feed him? I don’t really, I just toss out the peanuts for the blue jays and sometimes he comes and gets some of them.” Chip. “I’ll try to watch, but it’s not easy, he’s almost the same color as you.” Chip. “Yes, I’m definitely on your side. But it’s your responsibility to chase away other squirrels.” Chip. “Yes, I know it’s tough, but you can do it, and there’s all these big peanuts you get afterwards.” I give him an even bigger peanut which he takes and runs off back home. Oh my, it’s cold out here still. It was 12F (-11C) this morning and it’s still that way. Getting cloudy now, we’re supposed to get some snow overnight, and even more snow coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed your afternoon cup of coffee, have a beautiful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2020 Steve McLeod

21 Comments on “Morning Coffee In The Afternoon At Steve’s Country #20.

  1. Nice coffee cup 😋 what happened? Why have you not able to go out 🤔 Hope everything is fine.😳 30 grosbeak’s 😍 that’s a lot of beauty at one place , I’m sure Muffins must been having a fun time watching the birds 😁 Jasper is getting busy, busy one fighting for its territory… True barbarian Jasper 😉😁🤓

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