Me And You, A Fun Poem.


Me And You

I say there now, Mr. Cat,

Why you sitting there like that?

You just looking much too sad,

Hope you not been feeling bad.

Oh Muffin, I not feel bad,

But it’s cold, that why I’m sad.

When like this, I stay inside,

No one to play, run and hide.

That why I come, Mr. Cat,

Look right there! Let’s race to that!

And there they go, run and slide,

Bonking heads, they laugh and hide.

Then they go and run and play

Games of tag throughout the day!

Oh, we really have some fun,

And together, zoom, they run!

They try to turn down the hall

And both the cats hit the wall!

Then they lie down on a rug,

Curled up tight, they give a hug.

Mr. Cat says, what a day!

We have such fun when we play.

Muffin adds, yep, that so true!

It just right, with me and you.

Purr, purr.

Β©2020 Steve McLeod.

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