Coffee At Steve’s Country #7.

Good morning to all of you! It’s a real frosty morning today, but the coffee is hot and ready for everyone, so just help yourself and join us for a few minutes to relax a bit. Muffin is sitting, staring at the door right now, honest, she really is doing that. Speaking of Muffin. Some time back she “lost” her favorite mouse, this happens with her toys now and then. I looked everywhere and could not find it, so I bought her a new one because it’s her favorite toy. But I kept looking for her old mouse without success. Yesterday when we were playing she really started to fly around here, getting extra excited! Then onto my bed, then the window sill, up onto my insulator display shelves, across her “bridge”, which I made to connect those shelves with another cabinet to stop her from jumping across.

Evening grosbeaks, 1 male in the middle of the females.

From this other cabinet she went up to her “cave”, a spot I made for her on top of a large shelf above the washer/dryer combo. She likes her “cave”. But this time, when she came out, she brought her old mouse with her! Now I know what happens to toys that are “lost” and then reappear after a while. I always wondered how that happened. Now I know. She’s in her “cave” right now, just too excited waiting for visitors this morning. Jasper had a hard time yesterday with that other squirrel, but he was here for his afternoon snack, and since it wasn’t too cold I thought it would be a good time for a chat with him. “I see that other squirrel is a determined one.” Loud chip. “Yes, I guess he is a bit of a pest.” Chip. “You keep telling him to stay away, and he won’t?”

Female pine grosbeak.

Chip. “I agree, this is your territory, he has his own and should stay there. Maybe the food isn’t so good over there.” Chip. “He said there’s no peanuts? You should tell him most squirrels don’t have peanuts, they eat pine, spruce and balsam cones, well, the seeds in them.” Chip. “Oh, you told him that.” Chip. “He’s not satisfied with that and wants peanuts? Well, maybe you could let him have some.” Loud chip. “Oh, you offered to share, but he wants them all for himself? Hmm, that’s not fair, you were here first, your mother gave you her territory, so it belongs to you.” Chip. “You’re welcome.” He takes another peanut and off he goes. Hopefully Jasper can keep fighting off that other squirrel, I would miss him. Well, thanks for coming today, I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Coffee At Steve’s Country #7.

  1. The “ heart to heart “ talk with Jasper may prove to be beneficial…oh…HAPPY UKRANIUM CHRISTMAS ! …so Muffin is smarter than we think ! Now you know where to look for her missing toys ! ☕️☕️😼😺🐭

    Liked by 3 people

    • Happy Ukranian Christmas! Yep, now I know where her toys go, but it doesn’t really help me since I can’t get them! Muffin has to do that part!😂😹☕☕


  2. Steve, I needed to experience the tranquility of your surroundings today. Thanks for the coffee and your hospitality. Best wishes to Muffin with her double mouse pleasures.

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    • Thanks so much for coming by today Richard! Glad you like the peaceful atmosphere around here! Yes, Muffin is a sneaky one sometimes! Have a great evening. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been having some internet trouble lately.


  3. Hey is that a Cat on the cup🤔 Muffins boyfriend maybe 😉😂 What a beautiful day for the Male grosbeak😁 around beautiful other females posing to attract them ☺️😉😋, Muffins new cave? Now you got to know where the missing toys been😉 she is been playing 😂😂Hope Jasper stays strong fighting, maybe a little help from Steve would help 😜😂. Have a beautiful day 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is a cat, a Jaguar, the largest wild cat in south and north America.😳 But definitely not Muffin’s boyfriend! 😬 Yep, Muffin has her own “cave” for hiding and playing.😹 I wonder how many more toys are up there?🤔 I think Jasper has lost the fight now,😒 but maybe he will try again. He is still here but only comes when the other squirrel is not around. Poor Jasper.😕


      • Not fair🧐 not fair at all, maybe you can trick the other squirrel and kick it away 😁 try giving a help😳 yes, more toys would be up there, you should look once 😉 Muffins boyfriend 😂 I’m sorry he can’t be ☺️definitely not a Jaguar 😋

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      • It’s too hard to climb up to see in Muffin’s cave.😳😬 That’s her private spot.😸 Hey, maybe I could use the vacuum cleaner!😁🙀


      • That is a great idea 😉 See, you are full of ideas ☺️ Look at me 😂😂 never ever ever ask me an idea 😂😂😂

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