The Investigators, Inc. The Missing Cat. Chapter 12.

It actually didn’t seem to take very long and we were getting close to the border. We stopped in Belfort and found a nice hotel, so we checked in and got settled in our room. Then I went down to the lobby to use one of the public phones. I called Sabine and she answered amazingly quick, which surprised me. “Well, Steve,” she said, “I see you like to change plans.” “It makes things easier if I know what’s going on,” I answered, “now about the rest of this little bit of fun you organized. I would like to get rid of this thing.” “That’s good,” she said, “and I see you picked a very nice hotel to stay at, but I’m afraid you need to leave right away. I want you in Zurich as soon as possible.” “And that will be tomorrow,” I replied, “we need to have a good rest and get cleaned up before continuing our trip.”

Nice day for a drive.

Now she sounded a bit annoyed. “I want you in Zurich tonight Steve,” she said more forcefully this time, “I will have some of my associates there to pick up the Cat.” “No,” I said, “I will only deliver this Cat to you and Gaston, no one else,” I said in return, “If anyone else shows up they won’t return to you, with or without the Cat, and that’s a promise.” There was silence for a bit. “Fine,” she said sternly, “you will check in at this particular hotel as Glen and Susan Claymore. You are tourists from Canada. Everything you need, including your new ID and passports, rental info for your car, and some cash for you to use is all waiting for you at the front desk of your hotel, but it’s addressed to you under your present name. Follow orders this time Steve, I’m losing patience.” “I lost patience a long time back,” I told her, “I will do what you say except I will stay in a different hotel and I will let you know which one when I get there.”

Silence again. “Fine,” she said and hung up. This is going to be fun, in a not so fun way. I pick up a large envelope at the front desk and went back to our room. I told them all what we were doing. Then I got cleaned up, Lena was already finished so she went down and picked up some food for us. Back in the car, but before leaving I told Lena she could stay behind and I would pick her up tomorrow. But she said no way is she staying behind by herself. I guess she has a point, Sabine knows we are here, therefore some of her gang are here watching things. I get the cats to watch out the back window to see if we are being followed. Sure enough there is a car following us so I pull off to the side and so did they.

We’ll pull off here and see what they are up to.

I went back to them, “Are you trying to follow us?”, I asked them. “Sabine wants to make sure you follow orders this time,” said the driver. “Thwock!”, and the passenger was out. The driver turned to look and then turned back to me with gun in hand. But my gun was already staring at him so he dropped his gun. I told him to get out. “Thwock!”, and he fell to the ground. The cats just knocked them out this time. Then I shot all four tires so they wouldn’t be following us again anytime soon. Back on the road we got near the border. It was obvious they were stopping and checking cars, looking for that Jade Cat no doubt. They stopped us too and I showed our passports and they let us go right away. How odd, they were checking every vehicle, except ours. Another member of Sabine’s gang perhaps?

And we’re off again.

“This is going to get dangerous once we get to our hotel,” I said to Lena. “I’m ready,” she said rather calmly, “I wonder who Sabine really is, or is she even hiding another identity?” “She is hiding,” I said, “her name is Amelie Allard and she is actually Captain Allard, an undercover police officer from Paris. Originally though she is from Switzerland, Zurich to be exact.” Lena just looked at me. “I am getting kind of confused,” she said. “That is why the police were always so close to us, she was tipping them off, pretending to work with them, while in reality stealing the Jade Cat right in front of them. That’s how she has been so successful in all their jewel thefts,” I explained. “But how did you find out?”, asked Lena. “I recognized their voices from that one contact with the police before stealing the Cat, when we picked up Bernard to help us,” I said, “the police were thinking along this line before, but had no proof against anyone.”

To Be Continued.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

17 Comments on “The Investigators, Inc. The Missing Cat. Chapter 12.

  1. Well, I think something is very wrong here ! It is good that the cats are with you and are able to help you out ! Very strange “goings-on” , so watch out ! ☕️☕️😼😼🕵️‍♂️👩‼️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I don’t like the way things are going, it’s a trap of some kind but it’s not what has been planned. We are on our own now, so what happens next?🤔😾😾🕵️‍♂️👩


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