Coffee At Steve’s Country #25.

Hello and Happy Monday to all of you! I am late today that’s for sure, so I will probably keep this a bit shorter. It’s cold today. It was -29C (-22F) this morning and with the wind it felt like -39! And whether F or C that temp is about that same, since -40 is equal for both. It is supposed to warm up to -17C (2F) this afternoon, but since it’s still -28C (-20F) I really don’t think it will get that warm. And it’s supposed to be even colder tonight. True winter temps have found us finally. Not that I missed them, I really didn’t. Yesterday wasn’t as cold as today by any means, but when I went outside the cold air burned in my lungs. I have never had that happen before, except in very cold temps.

Seems my lungs can’t handle that cold anymore. I will have to make sure my face is covered all the time if the temp reaches a certain degree. That is probably another leftover system from having Covid last year. Seems a lot of people report that problem. I didn’t think it would be necessary to cover my face just going out to feed the birds this morning, but as soon as I went outside I had trouble breathing, I just gasped and struggled quite a bit and I was only out there for maybe 3 minutes. I have never experienced that before and yet I am very much used to cold temps, it’s a normal thing in this country.

So out comes my scarf while this cold weather hangs around for the next few days. Theodore showed up first this morning, poor bird. He kept changing feet frequently today trying to keep them warm tucked under all those feathers of his. All the birds have their feet tucked in their feathers today. The pics today, as usual for Monday, show the same part of the river path in summer and in winter. I can honestly say, I prefer summer. But winter is with us for another 2 or 3 months yet, I’m really hoping its only 2 more months this year! But I’m happy either way, there’s beauty around in winter too, but sometimes it has to be enjoyed from indoors. Have a very happy Monday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

41 Comments on “Coffee At Steve’s Country #25.

  1. It is really cold today…poor birds ! Need to drink hot beverages throughout the day ! Take care…and Muffin too ! ☕️☕️☕️☕️🙂😺

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  2. here’s to staying warm. I’ve noticed one advantage of having to wear a mask, it does help keep that part of my face warm.

    And I prefer summer as well… 🙂

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  3. How did I miss this 🙄 Fine, I’ll blame my WP notification thing for not telling me about this post 😅 or maybe I ignored, then I should chk my memory for procrastinating reading 😅😂 Take care while on cold especially 🤨 cold is really bothering 🙄 it’s bothering me too🙄 damn cough 😳 cough cough.. 🧐 where is dis hot water…😸

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    • Oh no, do you have a cold again?🤒🤧 You need to dress warmer on those cooler days, especially rainy days. Get an umbrella,☔☔ stay dry, stay warm. Be careful. Having memory problems too?🤔 That’s bad at your age.😳 Very bad.🤪 Must watch that. Yep.🙄🙄

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  4. 🤸It’s a one day cold and it’s gone 🥳 I was really afraid when it hit me 🙄 I’m glad it’s gone. My early morning drive to gym might be the reason for this 🤔 I think. and are you making fun of me 🧐 I think I do have memory problem,😳😂😂 perks of growing old 😂😂 I’ll still prefer be a bad as old guy 😂😂 I’m not bad as 🤔🙄 what am I supposed to do to be one 🧐

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    • A one day cold? Wow, that’s great! When I get one it lasts 2 weeks. Don’t like them. I’m tired today for some reason. Maybe I’m sleeping too much?🤔 Or too little?😬 Or just right?😃 Maybe all this coffee is making me tired?☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕ Or is it the other way around?🤔😛 Oh well, it’s a nice day anyway!😀😺🌞


      • I knew it, it’s the coffee! 😳🤔 you didn’t watch the count, did you?🙄 you should have chosen a smaller cup for coffee 🧐. sleeping is good Steve , it might make us feel lazy but that’s good. Anyway, take care, don’t let that coffee take over your head 🤗

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      • No need to worry, the coffee usually takes over my stomach before it reaches my head!😂 It will be nice to get back to sleeping again once this toothache is gone!😳🙄


      • Toothache 😳🙄 oh my , that is quiet a pain to handle 🧐 try some home remedy 🤔 Or see a doc soon ☺️ tooth pain is not to be ignored. Good Night Steve, Sleep soon..🤗

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      • Yep, I have an appointment on Wednesday so hopefully all will be well after that.🙂 A toothache kind of affects the whole head,😕🤕 even makes it hard to think.🤔 But then, I have a hard time thinking anyway!😛🤣🙄

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      • That’s great, so it’s tomorrow one day more, better see them soon. these tooth ache definitely messes up our head 😳. Thinking 😅😂 hard time thinking 😂😅 how about give a break to your thinking ☺️

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