Steve’s Bird Of The Day #18.

Hello everyone! Here we are with yet another one of our woodpeckers, the “yellow-bellied sapsucker”. This one is just a summer visitor for us and likes to eat the sap from trees, something that makes people think they kill trees. However, that isn’t quite true. It wouldn’t work too well for these birds if they killed their food source. They do drill small holes in the trunks of trees like this one has done years ago and yet this birch tree is large and healthy. They really don’t take much sap and they use many trees in their territory to spread out their eating habits. Plus they eat insects especially during breeding time. They also provide a source of sap for other birds, such as hummingbirds. The pic above is of a female, the male has a red throat patch as well as the red cap. Have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

18 Comments on “Steve’s Bird Of The Day #18.

  1. That was quick ! I have never seen a yellow bellied sapsucker around here…nice pic…stay safe ! ☕️☕️🙂😺

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  2. Wow, I would never have imagined a woodpecker being so beautiful. Also appreciate being enlightened on the misperceptions people have about these birds and how useful and thoughtful the birds really are. Thanks Steve!

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    • Yes, these are very beautiful and the male is more colorful, hopefully I can get a picture of one this year but so far I haven’t seen a male near where I live. Quite a few birds and insects actually rely on the sap these birds provide. Thank you for your wonderful comment Beverly!😃😸📷


  3. Beautiful Steve 😍 You got good patience to sit and watch them and take pics. And you know, I feel that bit of humour in every posts seems a miss 🤔 do u feel the same? I feel in my posts, I miss those humour posts 😁 we should incorporate some fun in all our posts 😸😉

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    • Hmm, are you saying that my posts are not as good now as they used to be?😒 I agree with you🤔 and so do a lot of other people, maybe that’s why I’m losing so many readers?🙄🙄 Something to think about.🤔😁😳


      • It is good, we are losing the humour part 😁 I re read some of our old posts, and we miss that funny jokes in the middle. maybe we should incorporate that little jokes in d middle 😁 get my head hit then I can think more funnily 😋😂 where is the rod.. no no.. where is that stick…. no no.. where is the pillow… let me hit my head with pillow 😜😂….

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      • You might have something there, maybe that’s why I’m losing so many of my readers again.🤔🙄 Things were looking up for awhile,😃 now it’s going downhill again.😬😕 Must think about that before I lose all my readers!😳🤔🤔

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      • No you won’t lose that 😉👍 because you are going to be back with that little touch of humour 😁 I’m sure readers will be back..🙂

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      • they’ll do come back, I wonder why these generations are like that, they get attracted to extreme fun, or extreme sadness, something in the middle I sense neutral readers like us ☺️ technology keep on changing people mindset 😁

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      • Yes, that’s true, people are at one end or the other, not many in the middle.🤔🙄 That could be it, technology is doing it to people.😳🙄


      • yes, never imagined technology could make silent, and violent in social media 😂 no guts 😂I happen to see my customers talk violent over the phone, and I meet them they react the opposite 😂😂


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