Steve’s Bird Of The Day #36.

Hello to all of you and welcome back! Today we have the female “common merganser”, same day and same place as the male from yesterday. She was sleeping and sunning herself too. She did wake up when I came down there but when I started talking all 3 of them settled down and went back to sleep again. Though a large duck, these actually nest in holes in trees, usually an old pileated woodpecker nest hole. Therefore these birds require mature forests to survive. They will however use a hole in a bank by the river or lake or wherever they can find something. They will nest up to 100 feet (30.48meters) off the ground. The young usually leave the nest within a couple days and just jump down to the ground. They are so small and light that they don’t hurt themselves. The female will lay up to 17 eggs, I have seen as many as 15 ducklings with their mother. Sometimes 2 or 3 females will get together with their young for better safety. I hope you all have a great weekend and God bless!

This shows the nice color pattern of the babies, these are about 3 weeks old, notice one yawning?

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

26 Comments on “Steve’s Bird Of The Day #36.

  1. Love the pics ! Where they nest is new info to me…and the fact that the babies jump down from their from a great height ! Wow ! Have a good ans restful night ! ☕️☕️😴🙄😺

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    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed them! Those baby ducks are so lightweight and covered with their downy feathers they can’t possibly get hurt. They are an interesting bird. Have a great day!😃😸🌞📷


  2. Great picture but I used a picture of the female as a photo for an old post of mine. It’s all about spring and nature from last year. I hope you enjoy it

    Laugh Because… Why Not??


      • Yes, I definitely did, Steve! Love how you capture amazing birds/animals we do not normally see. You “bring them to us” with beautiful and up close pics, facts and entertaining adventures” very nice! 🐿🦆🦅🦃🦉😁

        Thanks, I have been visiting and reading every day (liking the posts), Steve…I have just been quiet on the comments. Thanks so much on the concern. I have not been sick, things have been very crazy on my job. I have been praying and seeking God’s direction on a new one. With just a few short years left to retirement, I want to be in a job that has more life/work balance. I want to be able to do work for the Lord after work without being worn out from a crazy day at work. They also announced yesterday, that they may force us to work 4 hours of overtime on Saturdays, not good. I have been working overtime during the week because they need help getting through their volume…I am in the healthcare industry. Also, my sleep schedule has been thrown off like never before with the time change with me still experiencing COVID fatigue issues.

        Thanks again, missed talking to you as well. I have extremely enjoyed reading all your posts, a nice escape to a crazy schedule. 😁☕️🌞

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      • Hi Beverly! Thanks so much, that’s so very nice of you to say that!
        I’m glad you haven’t been sick, knowing that you are still fighting Covid issues I was wondering. Sorry to hear, though, of the heavy workload you are experiencing. That would be bad if you have to work some time on Saturday too. I guess there is a lot to do when in the health industry these days. It’s too bad they can’t hire more help instead of making people work overtime. But I know that sometimes that’s not always easy, trying to find qualified workers.
        Yes, this is the first time I have ever had problems with the time change and it’s due to the fatigue from Covid. Our province has voted to stop the time change each year, but only if our neighboring province of Quebec, and the state of New York also do the same. Seems like New York might be willing, but not so sure about Quebec, we’ll find out this year. Supposed to take effect this fall.
        Hope you can relax a bit today and enjoy yourself! That’s what I always hope my posts will do for people! Thank you again!😀😺☕☕🌞🌲

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      • Hi Steve! My pleasure!

        Thanks, yes there is a lot. We help people with serious medical issues and that number is steadily growing. They do try to hire more qualified workers, but is a difficult job…many do not stay.

        Sorry you have also struggled with the time change with your long haul COVID issues. We will get past them, right? Hoping your province will be able to eliminate the time change next year. Hoping it happens here, down the road.

        Thanks! I read your post this morning and I am looking forward to a relaxed 😎 day! First day of Spring🌸🌹🌺 with snow ❄️ coming in tomorrow! 😂. Oh well, life in the Rockies! Again, my pleasure! Enjoy your day as well Steve! 😁☕️🌞🌲

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      • Yes, I can imagine it’s not an easy job which not everyone could handle, even with the right qualifications.
        Oh well, in time the time problem will be past too.🕰⏰
        Oh my, more snow. 😲 We are supposed to get cooler temps this week with some flurries on 3 days,😬 I hope that’s all. But snow this time of year is not unusual. After the beautiful day today🌞 there really isn’t much snow left now, a few patches here and there.😃

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      • No, is not. A lot of people do not have the compassion needed to do the job. It really is a blessing to help people with cancer, MS like my mother, and other serious illnesses. I started working there as a tribute to my mother. She suffered with MS for so long (diagnosed in1985) and she was bedridden the last 13 years of her life.

        Yes, in time the time problem will pass. 🕰⏰

        Yes, more snow. ❄️ You too, wow. But as you said, it is not unusual. It snowed in June one year here when I was in my teenage years. Yes, I hope you all just get snow flurries. We also had a beautiful day here, in the 60’s. 🌞. So glad you did as well. Nice, most of your snow is gone. Nice and safe for your walks. 😁. Hope your back is doing better. The winter storm watch says 6-12 inches in the mountain area tomorrow evening through Monday. Hopefully we will only get 2-3 inches. I did not get out to enjoy the weather. With Spring comes spring cleaning in the house. I have been doing a little each Saturday because once it really warms up, I will be spending a lot of time in the front and back yard, getting the lawn and flowers together. Also, there is a huge oak tree in the front yard. Once the acorns come, the squirrels 🐿 make quite a mess so there is always sweeping up and raking up the pieces. You should see them, Steve, they hide them in front yard and dig them up year round. 😂 It is a challenge to keep the front yard green and nice looking with their stored acorns, but I manage. 😁

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      • Looks like we might end up with a few inches of snow this week too, on Wednesday, but I hope it misses us. The snow is basically gone now, just minor patches now still around. Supposed to rain today and the clouds have just moved in, but it will be in the 50s again today but cooling off tomorrow.
        We don’t have oaks around, so no problem with acorns. Just pine cones here and the squirrels store them in piles around the base of trees or by boulders where they can sit high and watch the surroundings. The town squirrels are a bit different and hide their food wherever they can find a spot. I don’t know where they hide their peanuts, but they take them back home which is a long distance from here.
        Yes, spring cleaning needs to get done, I have just gotten started on that. Hard to do when the weather is nice, I want to be outside then! Oh well.
        Enjoy your Sunday Beverly!😁😺🌞🌧

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      • Yes, hope it misses you as well.

        Yes, we have oaks up and down the street. The squirrels are well fed, 😁

        I know, it is hard to stay inside. I am off to church now, but will enjoy the outside afterwards since I stayed inside yesterday. Thanks Steve, enjoy your Sunday as well! 😁🌞🌨

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