Coffee At Steve’s Country #81.

Good morning to all of you on this beautiful spring morning! And Happy Monday as well, it’s the first Monday of spring! We had our first spring rain yesterday, rained all afternoon, smelled so nice and fresh. Then it started to clear in the evening and gave us a nice sunset, quite colorful, but it didn’t last very long. So there I am enjoying the beautiful view, not even thinking that I’m supposed to be taking a picture. So I grabbed my camera and went out the door to get a picture and…too late. I also forgot it had just been raining and the deck was still very wet. So were my feet now. Who had time to put on shoes? Sigh. In the morning Theodore was here, for a long time, about 3 hours, mostly on the ground picking up seeds that had fallen down or got brushed down over the winter because the snow had covered them on the feeder.

One more pic of Major with snow on the ground. At one time I would have been too scared to walk past an animal his size. Now it’s just normal.

“Go to it Theodore,” I said to him. Gerbil, gerbil, he called back, then continued eating. A bird that size can really eat, and eat, and eat. I wonder if he stops? Besides at night when he sleeps. I have been waiting for other summer birds to arrive but nothing has shown up, until yesterday morning when I saw my first junco! Within an hour there were dozens of them out there. Do you think I could get a picture? No, of course not. I will however, today with the sun shining will be better for pictures anyway. Heavy dark clouds do not make for good picture taking weather. Not with me taking the pictures anyway.

Whew, I new I could get that peanut in there, now one for the other side.

The pics are always dull and colorless, it takes some sunshine or at least bright clouds to get the best pics. So when I get back from shopping I will spend a bit of time out there. Perhaps other birds will be back too. Just too bad there is nothing but ice out back. Doesn’t make for a good spring background for pictures. It’s going to take awhile to melt that ice too, especially with the return of some cooler weather for a few days. Oh well. Not much happening yet this morning, it’s too early. I like to shop early, so I need to write this earlier than early. The only one awake yet is Theodore. I need to remember bird food this morning, better get that on my list. How could I forget that? Very easily. I can forget to eat. Oh well. I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

50 Comments on “Coffee At Steve’s Country #81.

  1. Love the pics ! We had some rain yesterday which was nice…be careful with walking Steve ! Have a wonderful day ! ☕️☕️🚶‍♂️😻🙂

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    • Good afternoon Hilary, yes, I was up early and now I seem to be behind schedule for some reason! But I was out longer this morning than I was expecting. Hope you are having a great day!😀😺☕☕🌞

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  2. Greetings Steve and Muffin! Spring has opened up with sharing more of her gifts, as we expect temps in the 60s all week. The photo of Major is an awesome tribute to his majesty. Blessings!

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    • Good afternoon Richard! It has been a nice early spring for us this year. It is going to cool off for us on Wednesday and stay cool until April begins. Major is a big buck, a beautiful animal. God bless!


  3. Great pictures today Steve! Not that the others were bad.. uh..umm.. it’s just that these are really nice, but yours others were nice too just not as nice.. O mean they were great too just not as..ooh man.. I’m in trouble here.! 😬😒😒They were all great pictures!😁😁😊😊

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