Coffee At Steve’s Country #84.

Good morning to all of you! It’s cool this morning, but the coffee is hot and ready for everyone just the way you like it! And, of course, tea as well. All my pics this morning will be flowers, with a friendly bee as well, just to remind us that warmer weather is on the way. For us here in the north we sometimes wonder when that warm weather will arrive, but this year at least we did end up with a very early spring. Even though the weather remains cool, the snow has melted, except for minor little patches here and there. But it’s going to take awhile for things to start getting green and for birds to start returning from the south.

Hollyhock with friendly bee covered with pollen.

We had so many juncos here on Sunday and now there are none, that one I don’t understand. I have been feeding birds for years and have never had juncos disappear once they came back. And still only Coffee the chipmunk coming around, none of the other chipmunks have arrived. But perhaps they decided to sleep late this year. But I now have 8 blue jays again that come around each morning for their peanuts, 4 of them stay all day. Sir George and Lady Pearl have already been here for breakfast, they arrive as soon as it’s daylight. So far there is no sign of bears, which is good, I don’t really want to have them around.

Another hollyhock with bee.

I would like to get some good pictures of one though, but from a safe distance, which means, best at home. I do not want to meet one out walking to the river. That would not be good. Not at all. I guess it’s time to start carrying my bear spray with me. I’m hoping to walk down to the river again this afternoon, might be some new ducks back now. Or some other water birds. Not much happening at the feeders these days, we’re kind of in between seasons right now, just waiting for the summer birds to come back so things will get lively around here again. So I’m going to start something a little different for our coffee posts for awhile, that way I won’t just kind of ramble like I’m doing this morning. Until things pick up outside anyway. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

74 Comments on “Coffee At Steve’s Country #84.

  1. Good morning Steve and Muffin ! Thanks for the tea…most refreshing ! Lovely hollyhocks to greet the day…and the bee is cute ! The squirrels and chickadees are out…oh…a sparrow is checking the ground under the feeder…isn’t it too early for them ? Have a great day ! Some bears are stirring, so be careful ! ☕️☕️😺😮😮☕️☕️

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    • Sparrows should be here by now, but the return of cool weather has slowed down the migration. Yes, I imagine that bears could be awake now, but no evidence here yet. But time for the bear spray for sure. Enjoy your day!😁😺☕☕🌞


  2. Good Morning Steve & Muffin 😻 That’s a lovely morning… Beautiful flowers Hollyhock 😍 Hope more birds are coming to entertain you as the summer is getting close 🥰😍 Have a lovely morning 🤗🤗

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