Steve’s Bird Of The Day #56.

Hello once again! Today’s bird is the “American robin”. It was given it’s name by early settler’s who thought it resembled the English robin. But the American robin is not actually a robin, but a thrush and it is the largest thrush in N. America, about 10 inches (25cm) long. It is also perhaps the most well known bird in N. America and one of the most widespread. It breeds all over N. America from Alaska and the northern tundra regions of Canada down to Mexico. It will raise 2 and sometimes 3 broods per year, even this far north. Usually 3 to 5 eggs are laid each time, but only about 25% of the young will survive until November. Yet it is one of the most numerous birds on the continent. Although birds can live up to 14 years, few do so and on average there is a complete changeover of the population every 6 years. Few robins actually live longer than 2 years. They have many enemies, most notably hawks, owls and ravens. But robins are very adaptable birds, originally a forest bird they can now be found everywhere except in marshy areas. They have a cheerful song and are one of the earliest birds to return in spring. They are also the first bird to sing in the morning, normally while it is still dark, and the last to sing at night, well after darkness has come again. They will build their nest most anywhere and often pick some very odd nesting places. They average 180 trips a day building their nest. Both parents look after the young.

Starting to lift it’s wings as it gets set to fly.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

19 Comments on “Steve’s Bird Of The Day #56.

  1. Ravishing, Look at how beautiful it is 😍 it’s a beautiful looking bird you know..😎 even though there are other birds most beautiful than this, this one is something attractive . Hope you had a peaceful sleep ✨🤗

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  2. Beautiful pics, Steve! We have robins building a nest in one of the trees near our balcony, and also cardinals. It is going to be a busy spring in our neck of the woods. 🐦🐦🌺 🌸☕️☕️

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    • Hey, that’s great! Building nests in your area, just arriving here, and snow coming again tomorrow! That would be nice having cardinals nesting close by, we don’t get them up here.😁😺📷

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  3. Robins are adorable!! And yes very cheery ❤️

    My favorite wild birds would be hummingbird, blue jay, cardinal, woodpecker, eagles, hawks lol … also owls 🦉

    My favorite domestic birds are cockatiel ❤️ you can teach them to mimic ❤️ I love that ❤️ I love when they can talk ❤️

    My grandfather had one that would wolf whistle and say well hello sweetheart ❤️ and a few other funny sayings like “what’s up doc” he was adorable and funny ❤️

    In the country here … I see many hawks and buzzards (ewww the buzzards are really ugly!! And gross!!) I’m sorry but yes

    Robins are sweet cheery and cute ❤️ we have tons of birds here – but I do not know what all of them are? I’m sure we have robins of some sort but I would have to Google that

    Cool bird of the day ✌️

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    • You have a good list of birds you like. Yes, buzzards are ugly, like our turkey vultures, bright red had with no feathers, definitely not a pretty bird!😬🙀
      Yes, you do have robins out there, but I think they look a bit different than ours, but still the same bird really, listed as a subspecies. I think yours are more brown instead of gray.🤔
      Thanks so much Trisha!😀😺📷

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      • Hahaha yes they are so ugly – they are always eating road kill 😝😝

        I found this:

        So many I have not looked through all of them!!

        Looks like we do have pelicans here? I haven’t seen any – maybe in San Fran?

        And then I was not aware the red tailed Hawk and others are related to raptors 😮😮 I knew some birds were but didn’t know which 😮 makes sense ✌️

        Are you a bird watcher?


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