Sunday’s Sunshine #4.

Good morning on this very beautiful, sunny Sunday! It’s even milder this morning than what we have been experiencing, 32F (0C), which makes it feel more like spring again! And while I was out taking pictures this morning a loon flew overhead laughing as he went. Hopefully he wasn’t laughing at me, but even if he was, at least he sounded nice and happy. And while he was flying another loon was calling from down on the river. That just sounded so beautiful and definitely so spring like! I wanted to be down at the river right then to watch all the movement of loons, ducks and whatever other birds might be down there.

Baxter the blue jay once again.

However, that’s a bit early in the morning to walk down there alone, especially with 2 bears roaming the area. But I will talk about that another time. If there was 2 of us then it would be a perfect time to head on to the river. Early morning always produces the most activity, not only along rivers, but lakes also, and anywhere else for that matter. It’s when birds wake up and are busy looking for breakfast. It’s also the main singing time for most birds. And it really is the best time for getting pictures as well, especially for certain birds which tend not to be very active midday when I go to the river.


But maybe one of these days I will get brave enough to head down there about 8am and spend an hour to see what kind of action is down there. I’m sure that I would get some interesting pics to share with all of you. The evening grosbeaks were busy again this morning though there was only about half what was here the last couple of days, but that is still a lot. That would make about 40 to 50 birds this morning. Still lots of juncos hopping around all over and a few fox sparrows are still here. The tree sparrow has gone, but hopefully more sparrows will show up this week. The weather is supposed to be warmer this week, so maybe some plants will begin to grow finally. There are a few garden plants beginning to grow, but nothing wild yet.

Bi-colored monkshood.

Poor Jasper, he still has his nervous condition. He was on the bird feeder, due to the fact the squirrel feeder was full of juncos. He took one look and went to the bird feeder that was empty at the time. Then a junco landed beside him. He went straight up and landed on the other side of the feeder, ready to run off. Then he saw it was a junco so he stayed. Then another junco landed beside him and that was too much, he jumped up again and ran off. The squirrel feeder was empty then, so he went there and had no more problems. The clouds are moving in now, supposed to rain. A beautiful spring morning. I hope you all have a sunny Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2021 Steve McLeod.

25 Comments on “Sunday’s Sunshine #4.

  1. Rain on a perfect spring… yay!!. that’s nice… hope loon didn’t hurt you, take care stay safe and stay away from Bert be careful…πŸ€— Have a lovely summer, and give some motivation to Jasper πŸ€—β˜ΊοΈ

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  2. I agree with your observation of early morning being the best time to see more activity from birds as well as their choral selections. As far as bears, there are thankfully none around the parks I walk at. Steve, have a great week.

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    • Thanks Richard! Right now I wish there were no bears around where I walk. That one bear was on my deck again just a few minutes ago, demolishing another feeder. I just might have to give up. Have a wonderful week!


  3. Oh, the flowers are so vibrant looking and the colour is beautiful ! …yes, watch out for the two bears !! β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈπŸ™‚πŸ˜»

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    • Thanks! Actually I like having the blue jays around, they really are not a problem and they have many times helped to keep the small birds safe by chasing away shrikes and small hawks that were going after the little birds. They chased away a cat a couple times too. Have a great evening!πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ί


      • I like the Blue jays, as well, its just around here they tend to bully many others. To the others benefit our Bluejays don’t stay long, so I try to enjoy them while they visit. I should probably watch closer, they may be positively effective here, as well. Enjoy your evening, Steve.

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