It’s Coffee Time #111. Thursday’s Thoughts.

Good morning everyone! It is another lovely, sunny, spring morning here at Steve’s Country. Grab some coffee and sit with us for a few minutes to relax and enjoy the quietude. Well, it may not be completely quiet since the birds are busy at the feeders and they can be quite noisy. But it’s a different kind of noise which is actually very relaxing. The gulls were here before 5:30 this morning calling for their breakfast, as were the crows. The juncos were here that early as well, and the evening grosbeaks showed up around 6, and so did Jasper and Sylvie. Jasper’s mate, Sylvie, has started coming again, usually just once a day though, but she is still nervous with me around. Freddy is just as friendly as Jasper now and because their fur is almost identical in color, it can be tough to tell them apart now.

Another one of those cute bees on a “bachelor button”.

They are molting right now, getting their summer coats, which look like they will be even more identical than what they have presently. Jasper and Freddy still don’t like each other however, though they tolerate each other as long as they keep their distance. That distance seems to be half the length of the deck, get any closer than that and the chase is on. Yesterday Chase was chasing Sylvie and Jasper was here eating sunflower seeds. Then he spotted what was going on, he chattered good and loud, did his angry squirrel dance and took off! What a run he had with Chase! But there was no fighting, just chasing and finally, after half an hour, Chase finally went back home, with Jasper right behind him to make sure he didn’t stop and come back. Meanwhile Freddy showed up and was quietly eating when Jasper arrived.

A pollen covered bee on a hollyhock flower.

Jasper was worked up by this time so he didn’t tolerate Freddy being around and the chase was on! Jasper chasing Freddy! Then Freddy chasing Jasper! It went back and forth like that for a long time. I guess they finally got tired so they both came back to the deck and started eating sunflower seeds…and occasionally chirping at each other. They are very evenly matched, but I’m glad that Jasper is not giving up. Well, all five of my chipmunks had come back this spring, but right now only Chester and Skitter remain. Skamper, Pocket and Coffee have all disappeared. And Chester and Skitter don’t come very often. Perhaps it’s because there are so many squirrels around now. Seems odd not to have all those chipmunks running around the deck. Skamper and Pocket were my 2 most friendly chipmunks, I miss having them around. It has gotten cloudy, looks like it might rain. Strange, the forecast said sunny for today. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

16 Comments on “It’s Coffee Time #111. Thursday’s Thoughts.

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    • Who wants to sleep in? Once it’s daylight earlier I will be up at 4am! Only 6 weeks and it will be getting daylight at 3:30, but that’s a bit early to get up. Glad you liked the pics!


  2. Lovely pics Steve ! Glad Jasper is still with you ! Bears eat chipmunks…how sad ! Beware of your surroundings Steve ! Say hi to Muffin ! ☕️☕️🐿🥜🤔🙂😺

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Sharon! Yep, only one chipmunk showed up today, that’s bad. Yes, Jasper is still here and the other 3, but where’s my chipmunks?😳🙀☕☕🌙


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