Steve’s Journal, Country Pleasures.

Hello everyone! It is such a beautiful day so I thought it was time for a look at my journal once more. Let’s see what we have for today…

It’s a beautiful, still morning as I look out the window of my cabin in the woods. The sun is just barely above the horizon and shining magnificently through the pines. But here the mornings can still be a bit on the cool side so I have a fire going in the old wood stove. Listening to the crackling of the wood as it burns is a real country pleasure. And that fire quickly removes the chill that was in the air as I got out of bed this morning. A wood fire warming a country cabin is a real country pleasure as well. And I have my pot of coffee sitting on top of the stove perking away. Not many people use a percolator for making coffee these days, but listening to it bubbling away and filling the cabin with such a beautiful smell of fresh coffee is another country pleasure that I thoroughly enjoy.

After a wonderful breakfast I look out each of the windows to make sure there are no surprises waiting outside, mainly I’m thinking of bears. Outside the air is fresh, a wonderful country pleasure. The sun has risen a bit higher in the sky, still shining through all the pine trees adding that golden hue to everything around. It’s early June, the days are long again for the summer, another true country pleasure. Time for a nice early morning walk. I start off down the road and then off onto a path that I use frequently through the forest. Listening to all the birds singing away, a real country pleasure. Sometimes it seems like every tree has at least one bird sitting in it, singing it’s own unique song. Now that’s a marvelous country pleasure.

Everything is so nice and green with many wildflowers blooming in their favorite spots, whether in sun or shade, adding so much color and beauty to the early morning landscape. A true country pleasure. Over under those trees I see some ladyslippers, some pink, some yellow, wild orchids that are a real country pleasure, a joy to see every time.

Over there at the base of that pine tree, a red squirrel eating the seeds from a pine cone. They go through a lot of work chewing through that hard exterior of the pine cone to get at the tiny seeds inside. But they do it without complaining, just sitting there enjoying their breakfast. Another country pleasure.

Here’s where I turn around on the other path to head back, just a shorter walk this morning. A woodpecker is tapping away at a dead tree to my right, also looking for his breakfast, maybe some ants or grubs of some kind. Back at the cabin a little chipmunk greets me, looking for a peanut, which is his breakfast. So I go inside and come out with peanuts for him which he happily puts in his cheeks and runs off with them to his little home. Another country pleasure. Well, time to water my little flower garden, another country pleasure to enjoy. I hope you all have a wonderful day full of country pleasures and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

28 Comments on “Steve’s Journal, Country Pleasures.

  1. Steve, I enjoyed my reading journey into so many country pleasures. Experiencing the heat and crackling wood in the stove takes me back to spending time with a childhood friend as we stayed with his grandparents in a rustic cabin near a small Montana lake.

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    • Thanks so much Richard! When in my teens my family lived by a small lake east of here and we had wood heat, it was so nice and worth the extra work. It wasn’t our only heat source though, but a nice addition. And in my country cabin years later that was my only heat source but I didn’t really use the place in the winter.


  2. Very great pics, Steve ! Narrative is such a reminder of past memories ! ☕️☕️😺🚶‍♂️🙂

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  3. So mind blowing morning story with beautiful birds , smart Squirrels and so happily to read 👌🙏🌷
    The yellow birds here also can see sometimes our garden, squirrels also , it’s back no lines 👍🏻🌷🙏

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