Saturday’s Solitude #4.

Good morning on this very wet Saturday! This is the beginning of our May long weekend here in Canada. Monday is Victoria Day in honor of our former Queen Victoria of England. Usually this is a very busy weekend around here, the official start of our summer tourist season. This year there are no tourists flooding the area with everything still locked down here due to a certain virus I’m sure you have heard about. We had some big thunderstorms come through here last night, lots of lightning, thunder, and rain. Poor Muffin. She does not like thunderstorms at all. So she stayed cuddled close to me all night. My poor flowers. First Bert steps on them and even sits on some.

Looking toward the dam from my favorite spot.

I salvaged most of them but now we have been getting so much rain half of them won’t stand up any longer. They lay flat, half covered with soil. Sigh. I’m sure that they will survive once it dries out again. That might take a while however. The forecast for the next 7 days is rain, showers and thunderstorms. I’m thinking this could be a wet year. On the plus side, that will bring out lots of different mushrooms. Last year was too dry for mushrooms. On the minus side, there may be lots of mushrooms, but how do I get pictures of them with that bear around? Two years ago there was a lot of mushrooms along the path to the river.

I used to sit under that big pine tree.

Remembering the solitude of 2 years ago…

I used to walk much further than I do now, going upriver to a nice quiet spot on a granite hill overlooking the river. Not a high hill at that point, but it was so nice and quiet there with a lot of different places to sit and enjoy the solitude. My favorite spot was under a nice big pine, there was a perfect rock for sitting on, covered with a layer of pine needles which was a nice cushion. You could see the dam across the river from there and the river was quite wide along there before going through a narrow channel which kept going and opened up again to a wider part of the river at the location that I sit now on the bench. No benches at this spot, though that would certainly be nice.

Along the shore of my favorite spot.

There was always a lot of pelicans over by the dam, and lots of ducks too. I imagine the fishing was good over there. It was a nice sheltered location too even though quite open, but the wind was seldom a problem there. The only wind that would get me was one from the north. And I would just stay away when the north wind blew. Ducks with their families would often be around that spot as well. I guess they liked the sheltered area too. It was just a nice place to sit and think. Enjoying nature all around me. A great place to be if you have a lot of stress.

Looking across the river.

And really, stress affects all of us from time to time. It was a great place to relax. I haven’t been back there since my accident nearly 2 years ago. It requires climbing up two very steep parts of the path, not very good footing on those hills so I have stayed away from them. But this year I managed to climb the first one. I did it first during the winter, then after all snow and ice was gone. Still haven’t tried the second hill. But then, I’m not even going to the river right now. But I will get back at it once the weather gets nice again. It’s starting to get lighter again. It was so dark for a while as another storm moved through. Poor Muffin, she is not enjoying this. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

27 Comments on “Saturday’s Solitude #4.

  1. We finally got rain ! The robins are so happy and busy ! Wonderful pics Steve ! They are so inviting ! Thanks for sharing ! Oh ! We had thunder as well…more rain to come…☕️☕️😺🙂⛈🌧☕️☕️🙀

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  2. Nature distresses me also – I love Lake Tahoe for those peaceful properties ❤️ Lake Tahoe takes your breath away also 🙌 is sooo peaceful

    Very beautiful photos ❤️ looks very peaceful and serene ❤️

    You had an accident ? What happened?

    We had rain on Friday night 😮 just little tiny bit – but very very unusual for us this time of year / usually our temps climb really high but was an incredible week last week!

    This coming week we gonna heat up again and be back in hot heat temps lol ✌️😘 🤨… it was perfect while lasted

    Thank god I got A/C at work fixed

    No mushrooms 🍄 here

    Raisins yes – mushrooms no lol ✌️


  3. Very Good morning Steve, You got it covered your walking places through photography 😍 Stay safe during your walk to steep places, don’t hurt yourself, safety first☺️ Take care of muffin you can put some bright lights and keep muffin off from stress 😉😎 Have a lovely Day 🥳✨

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    • Good afternoon to your night Simon!😁 I’m not going walking right now,😬🐻 the weather is no good for walking anyway, too wet which makes the rocks too slippery.😲 I will get back to walking eventually.😃🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ I’m staying inside where it’s warm today, it’s cold out there!😳🥶🙀


      • Isn’t it suppose to be springing not sitting right? ☹️🙄. These cold weather 😲 Canada has the most confusing weather after chennai it seems 😅😂. We never knew when it rains it when it kills us with hot flashes 😅. Stay safe, once it goes warm.. will look forward for more 😁😉

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      • Well it turned out to be a beautiful warm day with lots of sunshine, just like they forecast! I’m jumping for joy, but just one leg at a time so I don’t fall down!😂😹🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️ Tomorrow should be nice too except for some thunderstorms later in the day.😬💥⚡🌠☔ Maybe we are away from that cold weather now, I hope!😁😸🌞😎


      • One leg? what did you do? 🧐🤔🙄 you never said mentioned about that 😲 anyway, take care and stay warm. Hope the sunshine resume its work on your place. Have a peaceful night.

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      • I said one leg at a time so I don’t fall. If I use both legs to jump at the same time, I usually fall.😁😬🤯🤕


      • Ha ha 😂😂 Now I’m clear… Yeah that’s safer.. one leg at a time… I just got out of bed… U know😅😂 when the first thing you read as soon you wake up is a blog comment 😂😂 things happen 😜

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