Wednesday’s Wanderings #4.

Good morning everyone! Wow, what weather we are having these days! On Monday it was 77F (25C), yesterday it was 73.5F (23C), then last night the temp dropped to just below 32F (-0.2C). Now that means frost, not a hard frost, but definitely enough to kill certain plants. Most plants can survive that however, but some of mine were not looking too good this morning. They have had some problems, being stepped on by the bear, dug up by the squirrels, drowned with all the rain we had and now frost…plus snow! Yep, that’s right, we got some snow too. I couldn’t believe it when I looked outside at 5am and saw it snowing, not just a little, it was snowing heavily! It’s a good thing the ground is warm now so the snow melted right away.

Snow on my deck.

But on the deck, on plants, trees, the snow remained for about 2 hours, then it started to rain again. We also got some freezing rain overnight so my plants also had ice on them. However, water is good for protecting the plants from frost. Spraying water on plants before the frost hits will protect them as long as it’s not a real hard frost. When water freezes, it produces heat which helps to protect the inner cells of the plants, keeping them from freezing. But if you can’t do it before, spraying water on the plants after being hit with frost should also help prevent frost damage. Again, providing it’s not a hard frost and providing you can water them before the sun hits them.

Snow on my petunias.

But most plants are hardy enough to withstand a light frost like we had. And frost is forecast for tonight as well. I still prefer covering plants to prevent frost if possible, but it was just so windy last night that covering the plants would have been tricky. Most I just put beside the apartment wall where they would be warmer and they seemed fine this morning. Since it isn’t going to warm up much today I will try something else for tonight. Just hard to believe getting snow of any amount this late in May. But we have had snow as late as June 10th. The joys of living in the north.

Snow on my dianthus.

Something scared Muffin this morning, but I don’t know what it was. I thought maybe the bear had been here, but there were no tracks out there. It could have been the weather. When the air pressure gets low it affects animals, some more than others. Which is why storms bother them so much. Maybe there was something in the weather that she could feel and she didn’t like it. The hummingbirds are surviving and spending a lot of time at the feeder. That sweet juice I’m sure is keeping them alive right now. It takes a lot of flowers to give them what they need because they use up so much energy getting that nectar.

Flowers on my neighbors cherry tree yesterday.

It looks like it will be a good day to do some cleaning. Although I’m not sure there is a good day for cleaning. Good days are for other things. But cleaning needs to be done. So today is the day for that. And perhaps some baking. It must be time for some blueberry maple cupcakes again. I’m getting hungry now, but first, more coffee, it’s a good coffee day too. But then, every day is a good coffee day. So, as the snow continues to fall, grab another cup of coffee, have a wonderful Wednesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

18 Comments on “Wednesday’s Wanderings #4.

  1. Your flowers still look pretty ! Petunias and pansies are very hardy…even firom a good amount of snow ! Blueberry and maple muffins..sound delicious ! ☕️☕️🙄☕️☕️😺🍩🍩

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    • Yes, they are quite hardy. I have lost petunias to frost though, but this time only the flowers died, the plants are okay. One of my dianthus is drooping badly but might survive, and one of my dahlias has lost a lot of leaves. More frost coming tonight. Then it starts to warm up again.😀😺🌞☕☕🌼🌺🌸


  2. Steve, I can feel your sorrow over the snow. Here we are much further north than you and don’t plant until June 1st, although some do. Summer and warmer temperatures are highly anticipated for this time of year. May it warm up and stay warm! Our weather is warming up and the midnight sun helps. Have a good day, cleaning.

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    • I did enjoy my cleaning day! And it got warmer than what was forecast, up to 43F, but more frost coming tonight before it starts warming up again. Here I used to plant the first week of May, now it’s the third week before it’s safe, normally. It is getting colder all around. But here in town our weather is moderated by the lake quite a lot, just a couple miles out of town is much colder and they can’t plant until usually 2 weeks after us in town. Amazing how that works.

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  3. My flowers, especially new seeds suffered from low night temperatures which we had even in May. Your petunias look beautiful! Hope you won’t loose them to the cold. Have a nice day! 🙂

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    • Yes, new seeds are especially susceptible to low temps. We had frost again last night and it looks like I lost several plants this time. Petunias are still okay, though the flowers died, plants are still okay. Thank you, have a nice day as well!😀😺🌞

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  4. So everyday is a good french fries day too 😜blueberry maple cup cakes, coffee and You are missing your most fav french fries 😂😅. Lovely snow, a little on the already beautiful flowers makes it more beautiful😍 and your beautiful photography sums it up ❤️. Have a Beautiful day 💐🤗

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