Thursday’s Thoughts #5.

Good morning everyone! It’s a slightly wet morning here, though we only had very light rain, barely enough to wet the surface of the ground. But we have had the sun come out a few times as well which is nice, and there is still patches of blue sky around. But it’s going to be mainly a cloudy day with light showers. Quite a difference from the original forecast which said it would be sunny all day. Oh well. It’s been a quiet morning. Sir George was here early, and one crow, between them they still didn’t take all the food I gave them.

Male hairy woodpecker coming for breakfast.

That made Grover the grackle happy as he finished it off, taking it mostly back home with him. There was one blue jay, Baxter, who came twice. Jasmine was here very early, took one peanut and left. However, there has been three chipmunks, Pocket, Skamper and Coffee. Mostly Pocket. He has been very busy hauling peanuts this morning, and with no squirrels around, that made it nice for the chipmunks. It was great having them back again.

Looking things over.

Yesterday Jasper was on the step eating a peanut, facing off to the side, so he didn’t see Grover coming along. He turned just as Grover stuck his head above the step…poor Jasper, he must have jumped a foot straight up! That caused Grover to fly away and Jasper ran and hid under one of the boxes. After a bit he stuck his little head out and looked around, then came back out slowly and went back to the peanuts again. He really hasn’t changed. There’s a mourning warbler singing nicely this morning. No, that’s not a mistake in spelling.

Choice made.

I forgot to mention yesterday, but Tuesday evening I finally heard a thrush singing, a gray-cheeked thrush, sounded so nice. I guess they are just coming back late this year. Something scared the chipmunks, two of them are chipping out there. A raven came in and landed in a tree out back, that got the crows excited as they tried to get him out of there. It didn’t take long and he flew off. Four crows were after him. Crows and ravens are enemies. Actually I don’t think any birds like ravens, not even other ravens. It’s all quiet out there again, but my chipmunks are busy and the sun is shining. It’s kind of an odd morning, very quiet. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

8 Comments on “Thursday’s Thoughts #5.

  1. Lovely pics ! The woodpecker looks perfect…I did not think that they would go after a peanut…now I know ! ☕️☕️😎😺🐿🥜

    Liked by 1 person

    • I never thought they would go after peanuts either, but they sure seem to like them! I think they are even feeding them to their babies right now.😁😺☕☕🌞


  2. Very Good Mrng Uncle Steve 😍 another beautiful day for the squirrels, crow and Ravens are selfish birds that could scare away other birds, just shew away them next time 😁 its been a lovely day so far, oh! it’s friday here 😎 and a bit cloudy, it supposed to be warmer today,.lets see …

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    • Good morning Simon!🌞 Wow, it’s a very beautiful morning here!😁 I keep chasing those crows and ravens away, but they come back, nothing stops them.😒 Going to be warmer here today too,😎 this is early for summer temps but that’s okay with me! Enjoy your evening Simon!😀😺☕☕🌞🌙


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