Sunday’s Sunshine #17.

Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday! It is an absolutely beautiful morning, the sun is shining, the leaves are hanging there motionless, not even a flutter of a breeze out there. I can hear a few birds singing in the distance, nothing close by though. Last night, lying in bed I could hear the thrushes singing so beautifully, even after it was totally dark. A great way to fall asleep listening to those flute like songs. The gulls were all here early this morning. They are certainly not following any kind of schedule these days. The chipmunks are sure busy this morning too.


Slim isn’t around yet, he must be sleeping late this morning. Slim’s tail has bushed out again like it should be, except for that part right down at the base of the tail, there it is still thin as could be. Otherwise he has a very nice looking tail now. I wonder where all the other squirrels went? They would have to travel a long distance to find new territories. I imagine Jasmine decided to take her babies somewhere else where they would be safer. I do miss Jasper though, it was fun sitting out there talking with him. It’s not quite the same with Slim, he doesn’t stay around long enough to talk much. Neither do the chipmunks. Although Skamper and Pocket will stick around a little and talk.


Skamper almost came in the door with me this morning and Muffin spotted him. Fortunately stomping my foot prevented a tragedy from occurring. Skamper really likes me, definitely my most friendly chipmunk. I need to spend more time out there with them again. I still need to get a picture of Choco. Maybe I’ll try to get a new picture of all of them to show you. Not all together however, but a picture of each one. Anyway, they are all out there having fun this morning. A couple chickadees were just here, but they didn’t find any food so off they went. It is such a beautiful summer morning. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

9 Comments on “Sunday’s Sunshine #17.

  1. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning Steve😍 to your little friends too, your gulls are back again, Slim will stay long, until then have fun with Skamper 😉 Im glad you saved him Muffin🤗 Enjoy the rest of the day❤️🥳

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    • It has been a great day and the day has been great!😃😸🌞 Warm, sunny,🌞 chipmunks, haven’t seen Slim,🤸‍♂️ warm, sunny🌞 plus lots of chipmunks. Did I mention it’s warm too?😁🌞


  2. Oh, my…the flowers are so pretty ! Do they have a nice scent ?…I wonder whether you could train Muffin to like the chipmunks…not for food !…little activity today…☕️☕️🙂😻🤔🐿🥜

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    • No scent at all for these flowers, but their beauty makes up for that. Muffin has a one chipmunk mind, no way to train her now without losing chipmunks. Have a good night!😁😺🌞☕☕🌙


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