Tuesday’s Tails #14.

Good morning everyone on this beautiful Tuesday! The gulls were here early, but only Sir George and Ricky showed up today. The chickadee family were out here for a short while too. And the chipmunks have been busy. Good thing those chipmunks are around or it would be kind of dull here these days. Sure makes a difference not feeding the birds during the summer. Usually it is so active with different species of birds during the summer months. I still have to check with my new landlord and see if I can keep feeding the birds this winter. That will be a very dull winter if he says no to that.

Here we have Scooter.

I finally have a good picture of Choco to share this morning. And another one of Scooter. Now you can see just how cute these two little chipmunks are. Summers are so short it seems. August is here already and that’s our last month of summer, and sometimes there is a big difference in temperature that happens around mid August, which means that fall has begun. But I’m hoping that will not be the case this year. I’m actually hoping for another mild winter like this past winter. That would be very nice indeed. We have had 2 nice winters in a row before. But it doesn’t happen too often, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Sir Henry just showed up for his breakfast. It is just beautiful sitting on the deck this morning. It’s warm, there’s no wind, the sun is somewhat shining through the smoke, a white-throated sparrow is singing across the street, the only bird I can hear right now. I saw Slim yesterday, looks like he has moved across the street. He’s carrying his stock of peanuts across the street now. Maybe he found himself a girlfriend over there and he wants to be closer to her. He better watch those cars or he’ll end up being raven food.

And here we have Choco! Aren’t these two little chipmunks cute?

The number of fires is going down, but that is not all good news. Some smaller fires have been put out, but other fires have merged together creating larger fires. So instead of 2 or 3 smaller fires, they merge together to make one fire, so it looks like there are less fires, but things are indeed worse. The largest fire is now 465,141 acres, the next largest is 397,000 acres. That makes over 800,000 acres with just 2 fires. There are now 110 fires burning, 90 are not under control, 7 are being held, 13 are under control. And smoke is everywhere. But it’s still a beautiful summer morning, a red-eyed vireo is now singing, and it’s calm. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

32 Comments on “Tuesday’s Tails #14.

  1. Chipmunks are so cute ! Brightly striped ! Perfectly designed ! …hope the fires are not close to you ! Pack a bag just in case ! Have a restful day ! ☕️☕️🙂😻🐿🐿🥜🥜🔥

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    • No fires are close right now fortunately, but it is very dry still and fires can start quickly. Being packed is a good thing!😁🎒💼😺


      • Balsam Lake, so much further east (south east?) from where you are. Tbh it was cold and damp, and the pipes didn’t work. 🤷‍♀️

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      • Yep, all the heat is up this way, of course, so is the smoke. Yep, that would be southeast for sure. Too bad you didn’t have nicer weather though.

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      • The weather is nice in Waterloo. We had 2 full days of sunshine so far. I think it’s colder the further north you go. I have 2 options this weekend: live with insufferable parents or go back to that lake and freeze to death. I sound melodramatic but lately that’s how I’ve been feeling.

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      • Why not give the lake another chance? It might be warmer this time. But bring extra blankets just in case. I mean, what are the chances it would be cold both times? How long are you staying down there?🤔

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      • It’s damp there. There’s no air circulation. I’ll probably stay in Waterloo and binge watch movies or something. My parents are technologically challenged so there’s no Netflix or anything, but at least it’s warmer here.

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      • I’m staying at my mom’s house this weekend. There’s not much to do here since my husband took our daughter to the cottage. They like it there and I don’t, so we compromised.

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      • I’ve got 3 seasons of Desperate Housewives and the baby so I’m good. I have a feedback thing to write for work, and emails to catch up on. If there’s time I would like to do some writing as well.

        There’s not a lot of good stores around here and nothing that I need to buy. I was at a mall earlier today and not much has changed since I was there there in 2019. I wouldn’t mind some chocolate but I’m not driving to the grocery store just to buy chocolate. My parents live in the country so the closest store is a 12 minute drive away.

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      • Wow, that seems like a lot to keep you going for sure. I don’t know, driving to the store for chocolate seems like a worthwhile trip.
        I live in town and it’s still a 12 minute drive to the store, longer in the summer tourist season. This town is so packed with people right now, it’s just crazy! And this is without all the Americans!

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      • The rules regarding the pandemic are much more rigid here than back in Calgary, Alberta. I had forgotten how much I disliked wearing masks until I had to wear them. I’m surprised that tourism is booming these days considering the pandemic and everything we’ve been dealing with 😐

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      • I don’t mind wearing a mask and I’ll still keep wearing it even after they lift the mask mandate, might help keep me from the flu too. You wouldn’t think there had been a pandemic around here right now, beaches and parks are full, same with stores, streets are crowded with traffic, just like a normal summer. Started that way as soon as we entered stage 3, people just went crazy.🙄

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  2. Steve, the photos of the chipmunks remind us to all to take time for some fun. The mountain forest fires out west probably won’t die down completely until cooler temperatures and snow arrive.

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    • Yes indeed, a little fun sometimes is a good thing. They have been saying the same about our forest fires too, so this smoke will be with us for a long time yet.


  3. Perfect Picture, for Tuesday’s tail, with a tail, so it’s a tail, not a tale 😅🤪. How cute the little ones 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️ so beautiful 🤗 oh these fires 🤯 when this ever going to end 😾 Muffin, got any idea ? 🤔 Steve, wear double masks, stay safe from the smoke 🤗Have a peaceful evening ❤️


  4. glad to hear it was such a nice day. at least Slim knows where to go to get the best peanuts. and the Scooter photo looks like he hit the peanut jackpot!

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