The Investigators, Inc. The Game. Chapter 14.

“I see my people are under attack, it must be that crazy Katrina wanting to continue her weird game with you,” said Anthony, “don’t worry, my men will get you out, and I will give you one week to find my sister, or give me the info so I can find her.” Then it went silent again. I started to think…Katrina, who is she? I don’t know anyone by that name, so why does she want me? And why this silly game she’s playing? None of that makes sense, unless she’s a relative of someone, but who? I will have to check this out once we get back home. I don’t like the idea of someone tracking us like that and not knowing what is going on. Suddenly the door flew open and the cats came running in and were all over Kat and I meowing nonstop!

Then Calanthe says, “come on, hurry, we don’t have much time!” We all ran out to the waiting helicopter and were soon flying away. As we started talking about the last couple days, Mr. Cat’s little nose started twitching and he started sniffing. Meow.=You have tracker device here. He was right, just behind my belt a small tracking device. Kat looked at her belt and she had one as well. So the cats checked us out, plus all our stuff. There were no others found. So I opened the door and tossed the devices out. “That should puzzle them briefly,” I said laughing, “but I’m sure that Anthony Jr. knows where we live anyway.

He wants me to give him the info about his sister so he can find her, so that gives me an idea.” Meow,meow.=Oh,oh, another idea, that mean more trouble ahead. “Thanks very much Muffin,” I said. Meow,meow!=Welcome! We all laughed and started talking about normal things, how the cats survived their time alone in the forest, the weird game, stuff like that. I didn’t want to talk about anything important until we were safely back home again and could make sure no one was listening. After what seemed like an extra long trip, we were finally home again, relaxing in the library which has become our favorite room in the house.

It was afternoon and Baldwin came over to visit with us too. “You two better not do that again without telling me first!,” said Baldwin to Calanthe and Jennifer. Calanthe sits next to Baldwin and put her arm around him. “If we had told you what we planned to do, then you would have told your pilots not to take us,” she said quite casually. “Well…maybe that’s true, but still, I was terribly worried,” he said. “Oh, those two helicopter pilots deserve something, they were fantastic,” said Calanthe. “Yes,” said Jennifer, “they knew exactly what to do and everything went so smoothly because of them.” “Okay,” said Baldwin, “I get the message, they will get a bonus, even though that’s really just part of their job.” Then he gave a hearty laugh as usual and hugged his sister.

“Now, some business,” I said, “first this Katrina.” “I know her Steve, I just didn’t want to say anything until we were back home,” said Kat, “we worked together, then she got this boyfriend that was just using her and spending her money. He had been in prison and she was just crazy in love with this guy. So when I gave up that way of life she vowed to kill me one day, nice and slow, because I kept trying to tell her that John was a jerk and was just using her.” “That would explain the weird game she wanted to play with us,” I said, “do you know his last name?” “Yep, it was Bentworth,” she said. The cats ears went straight up! Meow,meow!=It our enemy John!

“Yes Muffin, it sure is, he is always finding a girlfriend with lots of money so he can live the way he wants to, but he never cares about the women and they usually turn up dead, except maybe one, but she was never found,” I said, “and now, the most pressing case at hand, getting the information to Anthony so he can find his sister.” Everyone just looked at me. “Don’t worry,” I said, “this will be a trap to catch Anthony, if Jennifer is up to the challenge. We will be watching you all the time, no one will take you, I guarantee that. And, we won’t use your present cover, we will come up with another cover, but one that will look official so it will fool Anthony.” “Okay Steve, let’s do it, otherwise I will have Anthony chasing me the rest of my life,” said Jennifer.

To Be Continued.

Previous chapters of this story, and other stories, can be found on my home page under “The Investigators, Inc.”

Β©2021 Steve McLeod.

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  1. I , too , will have to wait for the next chapter ! Sigh ! Good pick-up by the cats finding a bug on both of you ! πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘©πŸ˜ΌπŸ˜ΌπŸ€” Still be very aware of your surroundings !

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    • At least we are safe at home right now, and until Anthony gets his information I doubt he will let anything happen to us, he will keep Katrina away. Now if we can just pull off this trap for Anthony, then go back after Katrina. We will have to be careful for sure.πŸ€”πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈπŸ˜ΎπŸ˜ΎπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ


  2. I am so glad you are all together and that the cats found the trackers on you. Don’t get comfortable because you never know what’s coming next. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜Ίβ˜•οΈβ˜•οΈπŸ»πŸŒ³πŸŒ³

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    • Thank you so very much Jermaine! And thank you also for following my blog, it’s great to have you join us. I hope you will continue to like it here, have a wonderful day!πŸ˜€πŸ˜ΊπŸŒž


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