Wednesday’s Wanderings #18.

Good morning everyone! Happy September to you as well! It’s a beautiful, sunny, fall morning today. And really, quite mild for us with a temp of 57F (14C). As a brief update on our forest fire situation, there are still 79 fires burning, 15 are either under control or being held while the remaining are out of control or just being observed, which means they are not fighting them since they are too far away from people and property. But most no longer have open flames, they are mostly burning underground where it is very difficult to fight them. Some of these fires could burn well into winter. But it’s certainly not like it was and our fire season is basically over. Unfortunately western Canada and other places around the world are still having a bad time with fires.

Sir George was back last evening for his snack and Sir Charles was here this morning. So my gulls are still around, sometimes anyway. Must not be good fishing out on the lake these days so they are coming around for extra food. But soon they will be gone until next year. There was a nice treat yesterday morning though, after writing my post, one of my bird friends came that hasn’t been around since spring. Can you guess who it was? You’re right, it was Theodore! I figure he must have had to travel a good distance to find a mate. However, there could be more of them in the general area. But it was nice to see him back anyway.

At Dogtooth Lake, 2 painted turtles enjoying the early morning sunshine.

My friend and I went out for a short area road trip yesterday morning, stopping in at several of the smaller lakes. I was able to get some nice new pics which I will begin to show starting today. There were several dragonflies around which was nice to see, and I got a pic of one. It’s one of our smallest dragonflies. One variety just would not cooperate by sitting down so I could get a picture, which was unfortunate. There are probably some along the path to the river so I will have to check that out. Hmm, chipmunks and blue jays are calling for more food. And it’s time for more coffee, but I shall be back later as we start a new mystery story today. Have a wonderful Wednesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (top picture shows part of Dogtooth Lake)

©2021 Steve McLeod.

19 Comments on “Wednesday’s Wanderings #18.

  1. Great pics ! It’s so nice to see pics of lakes as they bring memories, good memories, remembering happy times with family ! Thanks for sharing ! ☕️☕️🙂😻😍

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    • Thanks Sharon! Yes, it’s nice to visit all these lakes we used to see all the time. We didn’t get all the way to where we lived though. Have a great evening!😁😻🌞☕☕


  2. nice to hear that the fire season is just about over, and it didn’t seem as bas as past years. and nice to hear that you got a road trip out to the lakes, sounds good for the soul…

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  3. These are some great pictures! (I love the turtles.)
    And over 700 fires? That’s crazy! No wonder.. it’s been such a rough year with fires.
    Last year we saw a record breaking eight Named hurricanes make landfall in the gulf last year. Nature, weather patterns.. the entire world is changing.
    Stay safe out there!

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    • Thanks so much Sheri! Yes, we set a record for number of acres burned in one forest fire season. The old record was in 1961. The most fires in one season was 1976 with over 2,000. But except for a couple of fires they were mostly small.
      But right now it looks like it will be a wet fall, so fires shouldn’t be much of a problem now, though it can still happen.
      Have a great day Sheri!😀😺🌞☕☕

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      • With the chaos caused by the fires on the West Coast and Hurricane Ida cutting a path of destruction across the East Coast.. it’s beginning to look like nature may just be tired of our crap.
        So many prayers to the people and families affected by these disasters. Hopefully you’re right and the wetter, cooler weather calms some of the troubles.
        Thanks, Steve, you have a wonderful weekend! 🌹😊🙏

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      • Yes, there are many natural disasters these days affecting so many people. And there’s no real place that is safe from them completely. We just need to prepare as best we can and be ready to leave if necessary.
        I hope the sun shines nicely for you today!😀😺🌞

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      • Agreed, the only thing we can do with any of the obstacles we’re facing right now.. is try to prepare as much as possible and pray for those in need.
        It was a beautiful day here, thank you! Are you feeling any better?

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      • Well, those pulled muscles are not quite back to normal, but there is good improvement anyway, so I am thankful for that. Thanks for asking. Cool and rainy this weekend for us. But at the moment the sun is shining brightly through a small opening in the clouds. It’s a great day!😀😺🌞

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      • I’m just glad it wasn’t more serious.. but it still sucks you’re still feeling sore. You’re very welcome!
        And that sounds wonderful, the temperature here is still just this side of hot.. hopefully the rain will cool things off.
        Want some sunshine? We can switch. 😆
        To more great days!

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      • I wish you could send us some of your nice weather! It was supposed to be sunny all day, started off that way, but now it’s cloudy again and looks like it will rain soon. But early fall is like that for us, lots of clouds and rain because of the sudden temp change and all the lakes are still warm, sends a lot of moisture up and keeps clouds around no matter what.
        Enjoy your holiday Monday Sheri!😃😺🌞

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      • I’ll do my best! That sounds like lovely weather to me, though, we’re still just a little too hot.. and when it’s not so hot you can hardly breathe, it’s raining. But, hey, as long as we can avoid any real bad run-ins with hurricanes this year, I’ll be happy!
        We had a pretty decent day, thanks! I hope yours was as well!


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