Wednesday’s Wanderings #22.

Good morning to all of you on this beautiful, sunny Wednesday! The sky is so clear and blue, the moon is bright and the sun is once again lighting up those golden leaves of fall. Of course not all the leaves are yellow, but here that is the main color, mixed in with the darker greens of the pines and spruce. But there is also oranges and reds, mostly among shrubs and smaller trees like the mountain ash and mountain maple. But pincherry and Saskatoon bushes are also brilliant red and dark red respectively. Large toothed aspen can also be quite orange some years and more yellow other years.

Apparently it can depend on the stress on the trees during the summer due to lack of moisture. Must have been some danger outside just now, it suddenly got very quiet and all the birds were gone. I couldn’t see anything however, but likely it was a hawk that came quickly through looking for breakfast. A sharp-shinned hawk would be the most likely one. They are a bird hawk, about the size of a blue jay, and they are deadly for birds. They will even take a blue jay, depends how hungry they are, but they go for smaller birds generally. The birds are back now, so the danger is past, whatever it was.

One of my blue jays.

The grackles have scared the evening grosbeaks away now, but hopefully they will come back once the grackles leave. Two days ago the walnut tree in the front yard was nice and green, now it’s almost totally yellow and the leaves are falling off fast. It goes so quickly. Many trees have already lost their leaves, like the black ash and the Manitoba maples. The Manitoba maple is also called the box elder, boxelder maple and ash-leaved maple, depending on where you live. They are found in Canada, the US, the UK and Ireland. Some people like them, some people hate them, but you get that with most any tree species it seems.

Much like wildflowers, some people think they are beautiful flowers, others consider them terrible weeds. Oh well. I go out about 7 to feed the birds now, the days keep getting shorter. Anyway, I go out this morning and suddenly there is a crashing through the brush and grasses on the hill. A bear kind of running off. He was down close to the deck, but in a spot where I couldn’t see it when I looked outside. I always look now before going out, just in case.

This is Betty, Baxter’s mate.

This bear was a smaller one, not that big bear. But even that small bear is too big for me, but he will run at least, he’s more like a normal bear. The others are older, bigger and have lost their fear of people. Those are more dangerous. Anyway, almost made me drop the seeds and certainly got the heart pounding fast. It’s that sudden loud noise that does it. You just really don’t know if the bear is going or coming at that point. But it is such a beautiful fall morning, time to go out and enjoy it some more. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

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