Thursday’s Thoughts. #25

Good morning everyone! It’s another frosty morning here, with a temperature of 28F (-2C). But the sun is shining brilliantly, there’s a light wind and it’s, well, cold out there. But it is going to warm up for 2 or 3 days next week, maybe. By warming up I mean, getting to the upper 40sF (9-10C). Then back to the cool days again, but really, just kind of normal. The birds are busy again this morning, getting to be more all the time, which is fine with me. Theodore is on the feeder right now having breakfast, something that the evening grosbeaks don’t like and they are chattering noisily from the nearby trees.

One of the many blue jays.

Even the blue jays are looking rather perturbed by the addition of this big bird to the morning routine. Personally however, I enjoy having Theodore around. Suddenly it is very quiet out there. Theodore is still happily eating. There is a couple blue jays still sitting there watching, and hoping that I will put out more peanuts soon. I don’t see any little birds though. There were a lot of chickadees here earlier, coming in from every direction. They were third to show up this morning.

Ricky was here too and had his breakfast. I reminded him that winter was fast approaching and he might want to think about heading east for the winter. Or he might freeze his little webbed feet. He didn’t seem to be concerned about it though. You probably noticed that my Art In Nature post didn’t show up this morning. I have discovered that I didn’t have nearly as many photos as I thought for that series. I might have to reach back to the last couple of years and use some that I didn’t use up from those years. But for now I’m going to do something a little different for that series, and that will be looking at mushrooms.

Betty the blue jay.

Most photos I have for mushrooms actually date back to 2019. There likely was a lot around this fall once the rain showed up, but again, I wasn’t walking to the river, so never got to see them. However, I have a lot of mushroom pics you haven’t seen yet and really, they are quite the art in themselves. I still have 3 birds to do for our bird series, thought I was finished that already which is why there was no post for birds this week. After the birds I will start with insects. I’m sure you will find these quite interesting. Well, I hope you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve McLeod.

Β©2021 Steve McLeod.

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