Saturday’s Solitude. #26

Good morning everyone on this wonderful Saturday! Well, we had a temperature of 32F (0C) this morning, and it is cloudy once again, though the sun is trying to break through the clouds at times. I’m late this morning. Not because I slept late, but there have been certain technical problems this morning. That happens sometimes. Baxter the blue jay was the first bird here this morning. It was almost completely dark still. I just spotted him fly in or I would never have known he was out there.

Trying to beat the rush I guess. Crows were next, followed by a junco, I think there are two of them around still. Then the chickadees and nuthatches came at the same time. The evening grosbeaks were next, and the purple finches came with them. Theodore then came and claimed the feeder for about half an hour, something the grosbeaks didn’t like too much. But they impatiently waited for her to leave. Then they quickly filled the feeders. There are more than 40 of them out there this morning, their numbers just keep growing, which I certainly don’t mind at all.

Betty the blue jay.

They are a beautiful bird to have around. Hmm, I just went and counted them again, there were 58 of them at the feeders, with more still in the trees. So that means there are more than 60 of the evening grosbeaks. Not bad at all. They do eat a lot of seeds, but that’s okay. Not all of them will stay the winter, some will head further south, mostly the females with young from this year. Better survival that way. Unless it’s going to be a mild winter here, then more will stay, which is fine too. This morning, with it’s cool temps and late fall look reminds me of a hike my dad and I went on years ago. Let’s see how it went…

“I have a great idea for a hike”, I said to Dad one October day. “Right,” Dad replied. “It’s an old town site and we can practically drive to the spot,” I continued. “I’ve heard that before,” said Dad. “Plus it’s a new area that we haven’t searched for insulators,” I added. That got Dad’s attention. “Let’s see the map,” said Dad. “Right here,” I pointed, “we can drive in on this old road along here”. “Hmm, might be possible, provided that road is still usable,” Dad added. “No problem,” said I. The next morning the sun was shining brightly, not a cloud in sight. It was a bit frosty but was supposed to warm up. We got everything we needed and off we went. Sure enough, the road was still there and though a bit rough in places, we could still drive it quite nicely.

Female pileated woodpecker digging for lunch on a dead pine.

“A bit bouncy,” I said. Dad just sort of mumbled something. Suddenly the road ended. “Now what?”, asked Dad. “We park here and walk a bit past those trees”, I said. Dad looked. I don’t think he believed me. But it was a nice walk through tall pines over fairly flat rocky terrain. “Should be almost there”, I said cheerfully. “I hope so,” said Dad, “we’ve been walking for an hour now”. But it was so beautiful that it didn’t seem that long. Not even a tiny breath of air moving. There had been several flocks of geese flying high overhead. A beautiful pileated woodpecker was pounding away on a large pine, looking for his breakfast. Blue jays were squawking high in a birch over us as we walked past…

I guess we better continue this another time. Have a beautiful Saturday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

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