Monday’s Musings. #26

Good morning everyone! It’s another dark morning, and rather chilly as well. I’m going shopping early so I want to get this posted early, otherwise it will be very late. Those evening grosbeaks are really going through the sunflower seeds, it’s a good thing I ration them or they would be all gone by now. I didn’t see Theodore yesterday, which is kind of odd. Jasper was here for a while and eating sunflower seeds too, instead of taking peanuts. That was certainly a surprise. But there is one blue jay that has really taken a liking to sunflower seeds too, and will also pass up the peanuts for seeds. Very strange behavior for a blue jay. Maybe he hit his head or something.

Picking up sunflower seeds that are practically spilling out of his beak.

Two different bird species arrived from the north yesterday, Bohemian waxwings and common redpolls. These are two of our winter birds and it’s a bit odd for them to show up with no snow in the forecast. It does happen sometimes, but it’s still a bit odd. There was about a dozen waxwings and around 40 of the redpolls. They don’t normally show up in large numbers like that, usually it’s just one or two at the beginning and then gets more over the following weeks. I tried for some pictures, but the birds were not cooperating yesterday and it was kind of cold standing out there. Oh well. How about a bit more of our October Hike…

Dad and I climbed up onto that sunny hill to have our lunch. Coffee outdoors really tastes so much better. If that’s possible. And it is. Dad took off his backpack and stared. “My new backpack”, he said quietly. “Oh, I didn’t want to spoil your hike by telling you that your backpack frame was bent a bit,” I said. “Spoil my hike?”, said Dad. “My backpack is ruined,” he said, “not a word of this. When I get home I’ll quickly put it in the workshop.” I laughed. Loud and long. Dad chose to sit on an old tree stump. “Are you sure that’s wise?”, I asked. “Certainly”, said Dad as he kicked it, “nice and solid”. And he sat down. Amazing how fast he stood up again.

Walking down the tracks one day.

Then he yelled and started waving his arms. Then he ran. For a big man he could run fast when he wanted. And here I thought he was tired from our little hike. He disappeared from view down the other side of the hill. He came back after awhile. “Working up an appetite?”, I asked. “HAHA”, said Dad. He chose a rock to sit on this time. Apparently when he kicked that tree stump it disturbed some wasps who were living there. I tried very hard not to laugh. “I can see that smile”, said Dad, “where’s my sandwiches?” “In your backpack,” I said. He looked, “what’s this?” “Your sandwiches”, said I, “when you hit that tree you also flattened your sandwiches”. “What about the other one?”, inquired Dad. “I think that’s both of them”, I said. Dad just looked, shook his head and said, “Bonehead!” At that point I couldn’t hold back any longer. I laughed. Loud and long.

Hmm, guess we will wait until later to finish this, I don’t want this post to get too long. Have a wonderful Monday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

18 Comments on “Monday’s Musings. #26

  1. Nice pics again ! Love the hike which you are sharing with us ! It’s always good to have a laugh about things ! ☕️☕️🙂😻🍪🍪☕️☕️☀️😂😂

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