Wednesday’s Wanderings. #26

Good morning on this very dull, cloudy day. It’s very heavy, dark clouds today, which makes it hard for good pictures. My camera kept telling me to use the flash. Right. Like I’m going to use the flash when I’m outside trying to get pictures of birds. The first flash and there would be no more birds. But my camera doesn’t seem to understand that. Oh well. I took pictures anyway. The birds, however, were not being very cooperative this morning. Even Theodore wouldn’t come up on the deck, she just stayed walking around on the ground looking for…whatever turkeys look for this time of year. She did talk for a little while though, so that was nice.

White breasted nuthatch with his prize, a shelled sunflower seed.

A male hairy woodpecker showed up this morning, the first male of the season. But he would not come out in the open where I could get a picture of him, until after I came back inside. The blue jays cooperate the best for pictures. The chickadees and nuthatches are around a lot, but they move so fast that it can be a bit difficult to get their pics. The white-breasted nuthatch is getting more friendly all the time. Actually, there are 4 of them now, maybe 5, but I’m not quite sure. But one of them is more friendly than the others, so I want to try and get him onto my hand if possible.

For me that would be exciting, since I have never had a white-breasted nuthatch on my hand. I have had lots of the red-breasted nuthatches on my hand however. It’s going to take a lot of time and patience for this one, but I’m going to try. I know you’re probably getting tired of seeing blue jay photos all the time, so today we have two different species. I think perhaps I will have to change the name of Wednesday’s post. I named it this to reflect my “wanderings” down to the river.

Evening grosbeaks enjoying their time at the feeder.

But I haven’t been down there since July 27, three months ago. Though hopefully, once there is snow on the ground, I will be going down there more often again. By that time the bears will be hibernating. But if I’m still walking next summer, the bears will have to put up with my wandering down to the river. It seems to be getting darker outside, not lighter. It will probably start to rain soon, it is supposed to rain today, and tonight, and tomorrow. It’s probably time to feed the birds again. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

ÂĐ2021 Steve McLeod.

12 Comments on “Wednesday’s Wanderings. #26

  1. We have the rain here 🌧🙂…great photos ! Your birds continue to feed at your feeders…they know there is abundance of seeds and peanuts to be had ! ☕ïļâ˜•ïļðŸŠðŸŠâ˜•ïļâ˜•ïļðŸ™‚ðŸ˜ŧ

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  2. The fall days continue to shorten up. Our sunrise is approaching 8:00 a.m., but when we fall back in another week, I will enjoy the brighter morning time. While at my daughter’s home yesterday, I was blessed with the view of a Blue Jay in the neighbor’s yard.

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    • Yes indeed, the days keep getting shorter. It’s nice to have all the brightly colored birds to help with these short days. Blue jays, one of the most beautiful of N. American birds!

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