Fantastical Friday! #26

Good morning everyone! And how are you today? It’s cloudy and foggy this morning, but it is mild with a temp of 41F (5C). The clouds are supposed to move away this morning and allow the sun to shine through for the day. That will certainly be nice to see the sunshine again. And it will be warm enough then to finish sealing my one window before the cold weather hits us. The blue jays are very busy this morning, eating everything in sight. The rock doves are gathering on the nearby hydro wires, waiting for the whole flock of 33 to get together so they can come and overwhelm my feeders again.

Male and female evening grosbeaks, the restaurant is busy.

The chickadees and nuthatches are trying hard to get in there for their share of the seeds too. Actually, they do okay since the other birds stay with the bigger feeders and leave the smaller feeders to the little birds. So it works out good for all of them. A couple more juncos have shown up, but hopefully they leave soon before snow arrives and traps them again this year, like it did last year. Only one evening grosbeak, a male, has been here this morning.

Yesterday it was a female. But there were lots of the grosbeaks by late morning, though not as many as there has been. Perhaps those rock doves are scaring them away. I hope not. The purple finches were here yesterday as well, there were 9 females and 3 males. I haven’t seen any yet this morning. I’m hoping they decide to spend the winter here, that would sure be nice. The fog seems to be disappearing now and the temperature has dropped a bit.

Female hairy woodpecker getting sunflower seeds.

Theodore was walking around the neighbors yard this morning, but she never came over here, at least not yet, perhaps later. A male downy woodpecker was just here, well, 3 times, and he went to my odd feeder I made for the chickadees and nuthatches. He’s not much bigger than those birds so he can easily use it too. I hope he keeps coming, maybe I can get a picture of him at that feeder. That would be interesting. Hmm, there are a lot of evening grosbeaks here now, filling the feeders. It’s a wonderful morning, a fantastical Friday! I hope you all have a fabulous day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2021 Steve McLeod.

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