Wednesday’s Wanderings. #27

Good morning to everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day! It’s a beautiful morning, the sky is blue, there are some clouds in the east that are presently blocking the sun’s rays from touching us just yet. That will change shortly though. The blue jays were here and had their breakfast, now the evening grosbeaks are here enjoying theirs. The chickadees, white-breasted and red-breasted nuthatches are flitting back and forth through all the other birds getting their share of seeds as well. The 2 juncos are still here, spending their time on the ground going through the shells, getting bits and pieces of sunflower seeds that are always mixed in with the shells. That’s perfect for the juncos, they have a hard time opening sunflower seeds.

Blue jay coming in for a peanut.

That big raccoon was here again last night about 9:30, Muffin sat at the window, tail fluffed out and growling occasionally to let me know she’s doing her watchcat duties. And when the raccoon left I praised her, to let her know she was doing a great job. At 10:30pm that big bear showed up. He didn’t find anything, what little was out there the raccoon ate an hour before. So he seemed a little grumpy about that and decided to mess up everything on the deck. I didn’t really think that was very nice, plus he disturbed my sleep. That’s no way to get food. But it also showed that the bears haven’t gone into hibernation yet. I was hoping this cooler weather would do it, but I guess not.

They probably know that nicer weather is on the way, starting today in fact. It should get up to about 39F (4C) today, and up to about 46F (8C) for the next 3 days. Almost summer like, okay, maybe not quite, but it will be nice anyway and that’s the main thing. But it does mean bears are out walking around a bit later than usual too. Something scared all my birds away again, I mean everything disappeared out there, even the blue jays. It would be nice to get a good look, and even a picture, of that hawk. However, I would prefer that he would just head south like a nice hawk should do. Hawks don’t normally stay so late. It’s not a large hawk, so I figure it’s probably a sharp-shinned hawk. Quite likely it’s a young bird.

White-breasted nuthatch, with sunflower seed.

Well, my birds are back I see, all these yellow lights in the trees, with some blue ones mixed in too, looks quite beautiful. I was able to get a better count of my evening grosbeaks yesterday afternoon, 85 of them now. No wonder they go through those seeds so fast. I have a question, I like to keep back up copies of my pictures, but which would be best? Those stick kind, called flash drives, thumb drives and a whole bunch of other names, or a real external hard drive? Perhaps there is no difference, but I would like to know what you think. My photos are important to me. Thanks so much! I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2021 Steve McLeod.

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  1. I use an external hard drive. I was told that if you have any problems you can try to recover the saved data. This is not possible on a USB stick. Opinion of the technicians, of course, I do not know enough πŸ˜…

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