Thursday’s Thoughts. #27

Good morning everyone! It’s another nice, clear morning with a temperature that is just about right at the freezing point. So there is some frost out there again. I stood out there for a while and watched as the birds started coming in. Those evening grosbeaks come from different directions and from a long distance for some of them. The feeders right now are full and there are a lot of them waiting their turns, sitting in the trees. It’s quite interesting watching them eat those sunflower seeds. Those big beaks of theirs are perfect for breaking open sunflower seeds and they do it with great efficiency.

3 male and 1 female evening grosbeak.

The sun has begun to shine on the tops of the trees now. It helps to brighten up those bare branches somewhat. I’m back again, it was time to feed the birds once more. While I was sitting here, before I went to feed the birds, I thought I heard a pine grosbeak singing out there. Sure enough, when I went outside there was one singing at the top of a spruce tree in the neighbors yard. That was so nice. They have begun to come down from the far north where they spend most of the year. I have been expecting them, they usually show up this time of year. We didn’t have many around last year, hopefully this year we will get more of them. Although it might be difficult finding room for them at the feeders. You might have noticed that my early morning posts have been missing.

That’s what led to my question yesterday. My pictures became damaged, not all of them, but some did, and I was not able to post them to WP. I did have copies of the damaged photos, which was good, though it took some time to get them changed and all back to normal. And it seems I have no problems posting to WP now either. So hopefully I can get things back to normal now. It’s also time to back up my blog posts again, I would hate to have something happen and lose everything. So I started backing them up on a regular basis now. And today WP has made a change to what I am presently writing, the whole page set up has changed and I can’t get it back to what it was before. Kind of annoying really. They seem to enjoy changing things.

Female purple finch, with female evening grosbeaks in background.

There we go, back to normal again. I’m not sure what I did, just tried some things and here we are. Although I don’t think the font size is quite the same, but it looks better anyway. Things always seem to happen to me. That’s kind of normal. The sun is shining so beautifully right now. For some reason all my birds are gone again, not a bird in sight. They are starting to return again, a few grosbeaks, the blue jays, chickadees and nuthatches. Hmm, I didn’t see the juncos this morning, that’s good, better for them to head south while it’s still nice. It’s a typical morning here today, busy birds, calm and relaxing. A nice way to start the day. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©2021 Steve McLeod.

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