Tuesday’s Tails. #31

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well today! It’s a mild morning with a temperature of 27F (-3C) and windy. The temp is supposed to fall throughout the day as the wind brings in some cooler weather for us. But really, the winter has been rather nice so far, no cold weather and only one snowstorm. But I think the milder weather is affecting the bird population out here. By that I mean there isn’t a lot of activity at the feeders these days. Except for the smaller birds, like the chickadees and nuthatches.

Male hairy woodpecker coming to get a peanut.

I’m certainly glad they come around regularly or it would be rather lonely out there. Even the blue jay numbers have dropped a lot over the last couple of weeks. I had 22 of them, now there is 10 regulars, the same number I had last year. However, some days there are more. And yesterday there was a common redpoll on the feeder, the first of the winter. Though there was a couple on the ground one day shortly after our snowstorm. So I am hoping this is the start of a larger flock of redpolls starting to come around. Redpolls are cute little birds, about the size of a chickadee, a little smaller really. And they can get very friendly too.

They usually follow grosbeaks around since they love sunflower seeds but have a terrible time opening them. The grosbeaks always leave part of the seed behind in the shell and that is what the redpolls eat. Slim, the squirrel, has been coming around each afternoon for about 4 days now. He comes fairly late, which is good, since Jasper comes a bit earlier, so there is no fighting between them. Jasper and Chase are still having “fun” each day as Jasper continues chasing Chase through the trees. Jasper did a huge leap from one branch landing right on Chase who was on a lower branch. Fortunately it was a large branch so they did not fall off.

Here he has chosen his prize.

They would not have been hurt anyway even if they did fall. Squirrels do not weigh much, so even falling 20 feet will not hurt them. Anyway, they had a short ‘discussion’ and Chase took off running and left the area. What do you know, thought I saw something different out the window and I was right. There were 4 starlings out there picking up some seeds. I don’t get them much around here, most of them stay in the central part of town, they come to visit once in a while, but usually closer to spring. Most people do not consider them very exciting, but I find them quite comical to watch. Well, guess it is time for more coffee, thank you for stopping by today. Have a wonderful Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (top featured image is a frosty tree from last year)

Β©2021 Steve McLeod.

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