Wednesday’s Wanderings. #33

Good morning everyone! It’s a mild, but cloudy morning. However, it has that chilly feel to it. There is also some light drizzle and maybe that helps to make it feel colder than it is. Must admit, it has been an amazingly nice winter so far. Speaking of birds, it has been a bit busier than normal lately. There are 6 pine grosbeaks that have found the feeders and are coming each day now. Plus there are numerous little common redpolls coming each day as well. I have seen 29 at one time, but they are a nervous type little bird so they fly a lot, making it hard to count them.

Black-capped chickadee sitting on one of the feeders.

But they are here going through the shells of the sunflower seeds looking for those tasty bits left by the grosbeaks They seem to enjoy hanging around the pine grosbeaks, and both species get along very well. Whereas the evening grosbeaks do not like the redpolls at all. But right now the only birds out there are the chickadees and nuthatches, they stay around nearly all the time. Blue jays come and go. They should be showing up soon for their lunch, and there is one now as I type this. Be right back. There we go, the blue jays are happy, so am I, got myself a coffee cupcake for my lunch.

Okay, a couple of them. Fine, four of them, but hey, they are so good! A shrike just came flying quickly through the feeders! I don’t know if he caught any of the little birds or not, but the blue jays were after him right away. They put out a loud warning just before the shrike got in among the birds, so hopefully they all escaped to safety in time. Then they chased that shrike right out of the area. It was just over 6 minutes before they came back so they chased that shrike a long ways off, which is good. One of the reasons I like having the blue jays around, they help the smaller birds with warning them and then chasing away the predator. And they are beautiful birds too.

Male evening grosbeak.

Well, this has taken me a long time to write, but things keep happening which slow me down. Days can be like that sometimes. This whole week has been like that. Thank you for stopping by today everyone, have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

Β©Steve McLeod.

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    • I used to do jigsaw puzzles a lot, but now this apartment is just too small for doing them. I always enjoyed them though. How are things with you these days?πŸ€”


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