Bird Pic Of The Week. #2

Hi everyone! Once again I forgot to schedule this one for earlier this morning. Anyway, here we are with our second bird of the week photo, which you will recognize as the male evening grosbeak. Thank you for checking it out today! Have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

30 Comments on “Bird Pic Of The Week. #2

      • Hi uncle Steve, it is good night. I supposed to sleep now, it looks like, I’ll have a hard time tonight, both twins are awake🙄. Nisha is fine, she is asleep, she is tired from mrng duty what twins 😅 hoping to make them sleep as early as help myself fall asleep. as of now, that is a pro father game, I’m easily losing it 🤣

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      • Oh my, you are making me laugh so much! Maybe you could try singing to them softly while rubbing their tummies, or their backs.🤔😴 Might work.🙄 Then when they are asleep you can do the same for yourself,😁 but don’t sing.🤪 Might work.🙄 Enjoy your night Simon!😁🌙😴


      • Ha ha aha 🤣🤣 I managed to put down one twin to asleep and another twin is giving me a tough time🙄 he is like, what are you even trying dad? 🤔he looks fresh and he is ready to play, but, god, I’m not ready😭🤣 I can’t sacrifice anymore, I woke up Nisha 🤪 now it’s up to her. Thanks for the tips, now I’ll try that 😁😁 no I’m not singing, you didn’t heard that right 🙄🤪😁

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      • You know the story, boys didn’t let me😅 they kept me awake for too long🙄 now I woke up, too late to leave for office now, should get a permission😄

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      • Hah! more work? seriously 🙄 that seems like never happening Uncle Steve 🤣🤣 the more I awake the more they are awake, as simple as that 😅😅

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      • So they are following you!😂 In that case, sleep more😴 and they will sleep more.😴😴 Well, maybe, it might work, possibly.🤔🙄🙄


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