End Of Another Year.

Good morning everyone! It’s cold again this morning. Very cold. Somewhere around -34F (-37C) type of cold. But I guess it is warmer than what it was. But it is rather hard to notice any difference. Tonight is supposed to be colder. Oh well, it is winter. And there is a lot more winter left yet. I notice that a lot of people are writing kind of a year end review of 2021, so I decided to do the same. I will keep it short however.

A cold, fluffed out “Bohemian waxwing”

Let me see, the year started cold, so I stayed inside. Then summer came, it was nice and hot for a short period, but there was a lot of bears around. So I stayed inside. Now the year is ending cold. So I am staying inside. That basically sums up 2021 for me. A year of staying inside. I said I would keep it short.

Okay, there were other things that happened too, though not much. Those bears were a big problem this year, so I could not even sit on my deck with my morning cup of coffee after mid July. The bears really did mess up the summer. I could not go walking, so that messed up my summer photography. I was able to get a lot of insect pictures however, since I could get those right here in the yard. I want to start showing those but I am having a hard time identifying them. Hopefully I can start to show them soon however. The birds are busy again, all puffed out, feasting away on the seeds. It is getting hard to see them though, my window is almost completely frosted now. That is the first time for that to happen.

A fluffed out “red-breasted nuthatch” warming himself in the sun on a cold day.

Oh well. Soon 2021 will be in the past and 2022 will be with us. Looks like the weather will start off the same as in 2021 though, but that is kind of normal anyway. But I am very optimistic about 2022 and looking for a lot of good things to happen. Hopefully I can add some new birds to my photo collection, like I did this year. And I always look for even better pics of birds that I already have. More walking is definitely on my list, and that will start in January. A new year of my mystery story will begin tomorrow, I hope you will continue to enjoy it as we start our new series with our first case, “The Mystery of the Beginning”. My morning posts will still be here, but there will be a few changes coming up. I will be back with another post a little later. Well, I hope you all have a very enjoyable last day of the year and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2021 Steve McLeod.

35 Comments on “End Of Another Year.

  1. The pics of the birds reveal the beauty of the different shades of colours with which God has given them ! Very good close-ups Steve ! Enjoy your coffee/tea/hot chocolate ! ☕️☕️😍😻☕️☕️

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  2. With the little fruit over her head the bird looked amazingly beautiful 😍 Stunning 🥰 May this new year 2022 bring you wisdom to see what you are capable of and courage to pursue it. I wish you a Happy and warm new year🥳☃️☃️☃️

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    • Well, that’s not fruit, just a red spot on her head, which is why the name redpoll. But it really did add to her beauty in the pic.
      Thank you so very much for your kind wishes Simon! And for your 2022 is already here, still a few hours to go for us. I do hope this New Year will bring you many blessings as a family and a very happy and healthy year for you all! Happy New Year Simon, Nisha and boys!!🥳🥳🎇🎆🧨💥


      • 🤣🤣🤣 Oops how bad my eye was to guess it is a fruit 🤣. Thank you Uncle Steve 🥰 Wish you too a lovely New Year ❤️🥳☃️

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      • New year day Off was awesome uncle Steve, I tried for turkey, sadly I didn’t get 😕 But I’m happy with the chicken I had😁 Grateful with what I have we had watched two movies and it’s a beautiful beginning 🥰🥂 Hope your new year too is off to great beginning 🌟

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      • Oh, I would love to have some turkey today too! But I will settle for some toast and oatmeal instead I think! Or perhaps baked potatoes and meatballs! Muffin and I are having a great day, not frozen yet! We are truly blessed here!😀😻🌞☕☕🥶🙀🧊⛄⛄😂😹


  3. Happy New Year Steve and Muffin! 🥳🎉 Sorry 2021 was spent mostly indoors. Hope this year will be different! Loved the pics. Looking forward to the insect pics, as well. 🥳🎉

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