Muffin’s Photo Pick. #1

Hi, Muffin here! Welcome to my new series, “Muffin’s Photo Pic”. I show here some of my favorite photos from my human’s collection. I call this one, “bird sitting on air”, name of bird is “pine siskin”. Hope you like, bye for now!


©2022 Steve McLeod.

28 Comments on “Muffin’s Photo Pick. #1

    • Oops, I bad kitty, forget to put name.🙀 I change it now so post has name of bird. It a pine siskin, little bird like chickle dee.😻📷


  1. Hi Muffin dear 🌷❤️ New Year Greetings to you and your dear Human 🌷🙏🎉
    My grandchildren loves you and your human !! They likes all the birds and
    Animals visiting your home and see in the posts 👌😍❤️ your this photo
    Amazing 😍 bird in the air 👌😃 my Tushara’s jinji also so cute like you 🥰🌷
    Ok, bye-bye …

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  2. Nothing better than starting a new year with better prospects than 2021. And for this, what better with your first photo that is great as you always have us used to. The best for you and your friends for 2022 Steve. A big hug.
    Manuel Angel

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