Fabulous Friday. #5

Good morning and Happy Friday everyone! It’s a chilly morning, but not that bitter cold like we had. It is -17F (-27C) this morning, the sun is shining on the tops of the trees right now, the sky is a wonderful blue and I cannot see any clouds around at all. The birds are busy enjoying their breakfast, today there are more evening grosbeaks than pine grosbeaks, which is interesting. At the moment there are only a few pine grosbeaks which is very odd.

The evening grosbeaks do a lot more “arguing” at the feeder than the pine grosbeaks. The pine always seem to get along so much better, seldom do they “argue”. And the little redpolls run around in between the pine without problems, but with the evening they are chased away much more frequently. Meanwhile the chickadees and nuthatches are quite content to use their hanging feeders. I thought I had lost my white-breasted nuthatches, but at least 2 were here yesterday, so perhaps I am just missing the times when they show up.

Female common redpoll on my hand.

I am sitting here with my coffee, watching the birds the best I can through the frosted windows. There are some beautiful patterns in that frost, but, it does interfere with my birdwatching, just a little. Oh well. Milder weather is on the way beginning this weekend and continuing through next week. So hopefully I can spend some time outside with the birds once again.

Today is a big day around here. February 2 is Groundhog Day here in N. America, maybe some of you have a similar day. That is where a groundhog forecasts when spring will arrive. If it sees it’s shadow that day then we have 6 more weeks of winter, if he does not see his shadow then it will be an early spring. Now, for those of us here in the north, we can’t lose, either way it will be an early spring. Now, Muffin says she can do just as good, if not better, than some rodent.

Red-breasted nuthatch at the suet feeder.

So, around here Feb. 4 is Muffin’s Spring Forecast Day! She saw her shadow this morning as she sat in the window, that means an early spring! Muffin does things backward to the rodents. An early spring for us means that the snow is gone by the end of March. So now we have to wait and see if Muffin is right or not. She did good with her forecast last year. But we have more snow this year, that generally means a late spring. But even a lot of snow can melt fast. Time for another cup of coffee. Thank you for reading, have a great Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (top featured image is part of the path at the river)

©2022 Steve McLeod.

89 Comments on “Fabulous Friday. #5

  1. -27C? That’s cold!! I am really disliking this cold weather. Here it’s supposed to warm up a bit so I’m hoping to go for a walk outside. I’ve gotten very lazy and haven’t been keeping up with walking. I’m sure Muffin would prefer to stay indoors these days!

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    • Well, -27 is a lot better than yesterday’s -45C! But today it’s windy too which makes it feel colder. It is supposed to start warming up tomorrow and stay milder for next week, so I hope the forecast is correct. I would like to get out and do more walking too. Muffin always stays inside, too much danger outside. She is enjoying her patches of sunshine! Hope you can get out for some walking!

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      • Yuck, that’s way too cold! And here I’m whining when it’s -20C. Today it’s -2C but feels like like -8C with the windchill. I’m not even motivated enough to use my treadmill. I really have no excuses plus I feel very unfit again. Timon the cat also stays inside but he’s an indoor cat 🐈‍⬛

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      • Muffin has always been an indoor cat with me, just too many dangers out there, and not just with animals. It has made it up to -18 right now, and clouds are moving in again with about 5cm of snow coming tomorrow. I should really be exercising more when I don’t walk, but I am never very good staying with it for very long. It looks so nice outside, but I just got back in from checking the mail and know it still feels cold!😬🙀

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  2. Umm, I think you got that shadow thing backwards unless it’s different in Canada. Punxsatawney Phil saw his shadow as well, and the newswires said six more weeks of winter! 🤧❄️ But this snow lover is not complaining, not at 20⁰F! 😊

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    • No, it’s the same here, but Muffin does hers backwards. She always likes to be different. Here the groundhogs were a slight bit different in their forecasts. not agreeing with one another at all, except a couple of them. Even Lucy the Lobster agreed with one groundhog. But either way, for us it’s an early spring even if it’s 6 more weeks of winter. We can’t lose!😁😂😹


  3. An early spring ? We have too much snow ! If it melts quickly then there will be flooding…it has to be a slow melt ! …cute pics Steve ! Rest well ! 🙂😻😴

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    • No, no, a fast melt is what we want. A slow melt means lots of ice spread over a long time and that’s no good, much too dangerous! Thanks!😀😺😻🌙😴


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