Wandering Through Wednesday. #7

Good morning everyone! Well, it certainly felt a bit nicer out there this morning when I was out feeding the birds earlier. The temperature was 5F (-15C), but a fairly strong northwest wind has come along now which is making it feel much colder. So it is quite uncomfortable out there right now. My blue jays seem to be coming out of hiding now, there was at least 8 of them yesterday and I saw at least 6 this morning. That is always nice to see, I hope they decide to stay around now.

And there were 2 Canada jays out here this morning and they came down to the feeder for some food. They did not stay around very long, but it was nice to see them anyway. They will begin nesting any time now. Amazing birds that can actually nest in February and successfully raise their young in this winter weather. They are tough birds. Well, we got more snow yesterday afternoon and overnight, another 4 inches in total. We will be getting more tomorrow night and even more again on Saturday.

Going along from the big white pine pictured above, along the trail.

That is, providing their forecast is correct. I am happy we are not getting larger snowstorms like we can get some winters. But all these little snowfalls do add up though. Jasper is busy chasing Chase again right now. It is amazing how fast they can run through those snow covered branches! And that snow is really flying as they run along the branches. They are certainly getting a good workout anyway. I must say, Chase does not give up easily, he is a very determined little squirrel.

Walking along heading west along the trail.

And Jasper is just as determined not to let him into his territory. Poor Jasper, he not only has to put up with other squirrels coming around, but now there is the new neighbor’s dog to deal with. There are a lot of birds again, mostly the smaller birds, but there are quite a few evening grosbeaks again, the most I have seen for a few days now. There is between 30 and 40 of them which is nice, but still only a dozen pine grosbeaks, quite a drop from over 60 that were here before.

Continuing along the trail.

Between my back and the cold weather I have not been able to get down to the river for a while. I was hoping to go today, but that wind has gotten very strong out there which would make it very cold at the river, so I might have to wait until tomorrow. I will see what it is like after lunch today. Well, thank you so much for stopping by, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (for the next couple of days I will show some pictures of the winter trail to the river, starting with a big white pine in the featured image above which is close to the start of the trail)

Β©2022 Steve McLeod.

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  1. Snow trails are great ! Have fun when you are able to investigate your surroundings…πŸ™‚πŸ˜»β„οΈβ„οΈ

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