Being Followed. Part 3.

Continuing with our adventure with the wolves…

I was hoping that they would just decide I wasn’t anything exciting and then leave.  Which is what I wanted to do.  Maybe if I unlace my boot I would be able to pull my foot out.  Then I could retrieve my boot easily.  So I started.  The smaller wolf had sat down.  The larger wolf was gone.  Not nice.  By the time I got my boot unlaced the big fella had gone around to my right side.  Looking at me.  And he was closer now.  Maybe just trying to figure out what I was.  I wiggled my foot as much as I could and finally out it came.  Great, my sock had come off.  I hate when that happens.  And a bare foot in snow is not very exciting either.

Not the same place but it is similar.

I quickly pulled my boot out from the rocks, pulled my sock out of my boot and put my sock on.  By this time my foot was wet and cold.  I put my boot on and, great, there’s snow in my boot.  Now my foot is very wet and cold.  The wolves had both disappeared by this time.  That was a relief.  But…now, my snowshoe is broken.  Now I will have to walk through that deep snow.  And my ankle, knee and side were now paining quite badly.  But I headed for an area with more tree cover where there should be less snow.

That feeling is back. 

I looked all around.  No sign of the wolves.  Fantastic!  Now I just had to figure out the fastest way back to one of my trails, then it would be easier walking. It was still snowing.  Must be 4 inches (10cm) of new snow by now.  I got that feeling again.  I looked around.  Sure enough, that big wolf was following me again.  I wonder where the other wolf is hiding?  Oh, there she is, in front of me.  I decided to change direction. 

Again, not the same place.

At least it was easier walking through the trees.  Finally, there is one of my trails.  I was getting kind of tired by this point.  But I didn’t really want to stop and rest.  But the wolves decided to leave, which was a relief.  I kept on walking, but after walking through all that snow earlier, my knee was really throbbing.  That meant I had to slow down a bit.  I even stopped to rest for a while now that the wolves were gone.

And now what?

Then after about twenty minutes I spotted them again!  They were both ahead of me.  And standing on my trail.  That’s not nice.  I was too tired and sore to do anything else, so I kept on walking.  They just stood there, not moving, looking at me.  I kept on walking.  Like I didn’t see them.  They didn’t move, one was now sitting, the big one was standing.  I was maybe 30 feet away now.  What if they don’t move?  Then suddenly they took off running to the side.  I never saw them anymore after that.  Maybe they figured I wasn’t worth eating after all. It was quite late by the time I arrived back home, with a swollen knee and ankle. That knee bothered me for quite some time afterwards so I had to stop with my snowshoeing for a while. I also had to buy new snowshoes.

Not all of my adventures had excitement like this, just a few, which is why it is always a good idea to have someone else along. Or at least let someone know where you will be going, and, stick with your plans too. Well, I hope you enjoyed my snowshoeing adventure. Have a wonderful day everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

©2022 Steve McLeod.

19 Comments on “Being Followed. Part 3.

  1. Your rules are sensible. If you are out making your own trails, having a second person along is wisdom. If you travel on established trails where there are others, you could go by yourself. Too many things can happen that will leave you stranded, when there are only wolves or bears following you!

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  2. Well, I say that it was God who caused the wolves to take off ! HE watches out for us when we are in trouble ! …love these true happenings to you ! Carry on…🤔❄️❄️❄️

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  3. I’m glad the wolves left. Even though you encountered many hurdles, it seems you stayed level-headed. Perhaps the wolves sensed that. 🙂🧤 🧥 🧦 🐺🐺☕️☕️

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    • The worst thing to do around wild animals is showing that you’re scared or nervous, they can tell. Always stay calm if possible, less chance of being attacked. Have a nice weekend Eugenia!😀😺🌞☕☕🐺🐺🙀

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  4. It’s a good thing you kept your wits about you. I’m not sure if I could’ve handled that as well as you did. I would’ve been scared to death, which means I probably would’ve been eaten alive. Wolves can smell fear from miles off! 😱😱😱

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    • Yes, the worst thing to do is get scared around wild animals. They can tell even if you’re a bit nervous and they react accordingly. I have actually been followed around by wolves on 3 different occasions, twice at night which is worse than during the day! Thanks for reading Cherie!😀😺

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